Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lefty Hyperbole Reaches New Heights

Yeah, I had to watch it twice, before I finally decided that they were serious. Using former child actors to make your...*snort*...p...*guffaw*...Point...bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Sorry, I couldn't type it without laughing. Anyway, when you use former child actors to give voice to your silliness, and they portray inanition in such a serious way, well, we can hardly be held accountable for taking it as satire, now then can we?

I have to give the left some credit, however they finally moved beyond this:

(Sorry, I can't even watch this any longer...a scowling, mouthy kid in a hoodie taking me to task for not abandoning my way of life and buying into the myth of global warming only raises my blood pressure and tempts me to take this presumptuous little twerp over my knee and give him something to scowl about.)

...and decided to make me laugh instead. If I live to be 100, I doubt I will ever understand what it is they think being serious confers the status of being right upon them.

H/T Anna