Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And they ended on it???

"Jake Green, I don't know what you're carrying, but it better be important, because I think I just started a war with Cheyenne."-Republic of Texas ANG Lt.Col. after just shooting down two Allied States of America jet fighters dispatched to bring the last remaining bomb from the previous September's attacks back to Cheyenne or to shoot the plane down.

So they did it. The conspiracy was outed, Major's Beck's men were let in on the secret, and like Beck, refused any more orders from Cheyenne, and the stage is set for the Second American Civil War. And CBS pulled the plug.

I am not stupid, nor am I easily entertained. This show was intriguing last season. This season, it has been the most tautly written show I have watched since Babylon 5 went dark. I actually caught myself holding my breath at different points. They gave us some of the best emotional payoffs of anything on TV since Jack Bauer killed David Palmer's assassin on 24, and CBS pulled the plug, citing low ratings (although apparently, it is one of the highest downloaded shows on iTunes.)

Could it be the timeslot? Ten O'Clock on Tuesday isn't exactly "must see TV". I think someone's ego at CBS got bruised when the fans demanded its return after the first season and decided to teach we peons a lesson. Why give us a show, with mystery, drama, intrigue, suspense, and solid American values when they can subject us to another horrible sitcom promoting promiscuousness, homosexuality, single parent homes, or yet another cop show?

I really hope that a cable network will see the potential here, and choose to pick it up. If that is the case, all I ask is that you do it right. Don't cheap out and start cutting the cast to pare down the costs. There is still a story to tell here, and in a world increasingly crowded with video vacuousness, We deserve the inspiration and entertainment this show could offer.

"How does it feel to make history?" -Hawkins, in the ambulance after landing in San Antonio, Texas.
"I think we just started a war today." -Jake, sitting next to Hawkins and looking down at him.
"Jake, this war was coming whether we got involved or not. All we did was to help give the good guys a fighting chance."

More than could be said for the show.

Congratulations, CBS. You Boneheads.