Sunday, March 23, 2008

I hope everyone had a good Easter sunday.

I'm tired.

Jake slept in, and has been extra grumpy all day long. He didn't really dig the egghunt in the rain. Ethan, being older and somewhat insane, didn't mind at all.

Neither one was very interested in the turkey dinner at Papa and Nana's, although they did eat enough to have some of Jake's birthday cake and ice cream. Jake enjoyed his presents, and is inflicting "Hailey and Bailey" hell on us right at the moment. For those of you without small children, they are charcters from the Hermie and Freinds videos. Yeah, I know. It made it so much clearer for you.

The only real question remaining is do I have leftover chinese for dinner, or do I make some rosemary chicken? Yeah, I think the curried chicken sounds better, too. Its a lot less work.