Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Passing the Sentence

I read PJMomma's post on farting yesterday, and it brought to mind this little blast from the past.

It was sophomore year of High School. My folks were out of town, so of course I invited the guys over. It was past 2 am, and everyone was finally settling down and drifting off to sleep. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and the ambient light allowed me to see everyone pretty well. Suddenly, Brian, for no apparent reason, jumped up, leapt across the room to where Jeff was sleeping on the floor, squatted until his butt was about 2 inches from Jeff's face, and cut loose with an enormous, cheek-slapping, gut rumbling fart that lasted almost a minute. Right at the same time the fart started to fade to silence, Jeff's face crinkled up, and seemingly without moving his arms or legs, his entire body turned the other way and he buried his face in his pillow for nearly a minute before getting up to chase Brian back across the room and pummel him for his pointed "nocturnal emission". Good times, good times.