Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Am I The Only One Who Sees This Clearly?

Right now, the Dhimicrats are fielding a candidate who seems to be equal parts incompetent and frightening, at least to anyone with three or more functioning brain cells. He switches positions more than John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry, and will throw anybody under the bus. Longtime Pastor? Under the Bus with you. Fundraiser and all-around financial ne'er do well? Under the bus with you? Nutroots you don't need now that you aced out that cracker Shrillery for the nomination? Under the bus with you. Stated policy stance in the past now too inconvenient because it repels those all too important centrist voters? No problem. Change your position and pass it off as some sort epiphany when you change your mind.

Anyone so eager to become President that he cannot pick a position and stick to it, cannot give an answer to a simple question without a script, and cannot introduce any idea for "reform" and "change" that hasn't already been tried and failed, sometimes at the cost of many, many lives simply has no business being President. Either he is a duplicitous liar, or he such tragically bad judgement that he simply isn't ready for the big chair. The real question is why so many people who are in a position to lay these weaknesses bare have chosen to get behind his candidacy. Are they just ragingly incompetent themselves, or do they really hate this country that much? I think we all need to be watching and considering this carefully in the coming months.