Friday, July 25, 2008


No, it isn't laziness, its just that I have been busy and in answering a particularly stupid comment at the Rott, I finally got into words my full reservations about Barack Hussein Obama. I thought I summed it up so well that I would repeat it here. Deej, who is the token liberal, and a nice guy, fired off a long, adoring comment worthy of any Obamazombie. While most of it was objectionable, the part I really took umbrage with was this:

You are all just mad because YOU don’t have a candidate who can draw this kind of crowd and inspire huge masses of people all over the world. Instead, you have Grampy McCain who is now mad that he ever goaded Obama go on a trip to the Middle East and Europe. Grampy was hoping Obama would fall flat on his face on such a trip, instead of drawing crowds of 200,000 people and getting positive remarks from world leaders.

My response?

I’m mad that I don’t have a candidate so obviously confused about who his constituency is that he cannot campaign here with the people who could actually vote for him? That’s a good one, Deej.

Obama is arrogant, vacant, and so very in love with himself that it turns my stomach. Whether it is the need to jet around the world like he is someone who actually matters, in a plane with his own gut-wrenching symbol on the tail instead of the flag of the nation he believes he should lead, or a need to go to one of the holiest sites in the ME, and have his face and posters plastered everywhere as he does, or asking a FOX reporter on his plane why FOX news plays at the military bases he visited, and then imply that it was Bush’s choice, as if the troops were being denied the benefit of the 24/7 public Obama gonad-gobbling the rest of the press willingly engages in on the other channels, or scheduling speeches after free concerts to babble empty platitudes to the drooling masses who want so desperately to be relieved of the torturous burden of actually thinking for themselves, because they might have to then exposes themselves to baseless but nontheless shrill charges from the self-appointed PC elite that they are racist, bitter, unenlightened fools for seeing him as the vain, America-hating empty suit that he is.

Do I have reservations about portraying him as a Nazi? Absolutely. But some of the parallels are striking and are actually in evidence, unlike the Nazi mantras chanted ad nauseum about Bush, Rove, Cheney, and Haliburton by the tiresome voices on the left. In truth, I don’t think Obama is as smart as some of the Nazis were, but I do think many of his friends and handlers are, and they have no compunction about using his charisma…yes I said it…the one thing he’s said about himself that I do agree with…to a point. He does give a good speech. As long as it is scripted and no one asks him a real question, the guy is good. It is another reason to be be scared of him, because I think he actually believes some of what he is saying, and if there is a generalization to be applied to His Oneness’s (TM) divine and enigmatic utterances, it is that none of the policy positions he has stated, whether he has reversed them or not, is good for this country, and that is the only benchmark that matters, and the only one I care about.

There has been a lot of disappointment declared here about McCain, and there is much as conservatives that we have to dislike about Grampy. But the starkest difference between these two is that I believe that Grampy can learn from his mistakes. He may compromise, and he may pay lip service to the cap-and-trade nonsense being foisted on us by al-ja-Gora’s Cult of Gaia, but I have yet to see an instance where he has been given an opportunity to take advantage of the 20/20 clarity offered by hindsight, and not taken it. Obama has, and has not been taken to task for it. His interview with, of all people, Katie Couric (bangs head against desk) demonstrates it. Even though she finally got him to admit, after asking three times, that the surge, the one he did not support, worked, he still maintains that, knowing now what he didn’t know then, he still would not have supported it. This is the height of intellectual vanity and exposes just how dangerous his “thinking” really is.

Mad that I don’t have a candidate like him? No, Deej. Sorry. I’m mad that such a vain and vacuous man, peddling solutions that have already failed time, and time again, who lives at a standard higher than so many and keeps preaching The Politics of Lowered Expectations(TM) for other citizens of this country, and who demonstrates such bad judgment and enormous ego, can even be considered as a serious and viable candidate for President of the United States. Even for the Democratic Party, this man should be beneath the standards they should aspire to as representative scions of our legacy and heritage.

What a disappointment.