Monday, July 07, 2008

I Give Up.

Misha linked to this story at the Times Online. It stands on its own as proof that the inmates are running the asylum across the pond. This is stupid, even for Europe, and it shows just how far the madness of polical correctness has wormed its way into the culture. It offends me so that I almost feel like making threats and generally acting like an ungrateful immigrant DEMANDING that my new home embrace all that I left behind, or "I weel keel them!"

Sorry. I was busy channeling the youthful scourge of indeterminate origin and religion currently rampaging through western europe. I love how they have come for the tykes and try to control them to prevent unPC thinking at such an early age...even better that they completely miss the unstated purpose of getting little Johnny or Suzie to inform on Mum and Dad for commiting the unspeakable crime of thinking outside the PC cell and having the nerve to make such a forbidden remark in front of the tykes. Yeah, yeah. You say "Hyperbole". I say "Just wait