Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arrogance, Thy Name Is Democrat...

The naked emperor news put together this tantalizing exchange between Ex-Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and Congressman Charles Wrangle, yes the I have serious tax trouble Charles Wrangle, discussing the latest 'infrastructure stimulus package', and the vital importance of making sure that the contracts do not go to "white construction workers", that the states have no input into what the projects are, and that the middle class is working too hard just trying to feed and clothe their families to take notice of what they are doing to raise any objections to their blatant racism. If you ever gave a damn about how the knuckleheads inside the beltway come to decisions, then you should watch this. Put away all breakables first, and take any appropriate blood pressure meds.

These people need to run out of town on a rail. The Sooner, the Better.