Saturday, January 31, 2009

That whole "equal rights" thing? Its just a feint.

But we all knew that, didn't we? Last year, my home state, The Peeples' Republik of Washingtonistan passed a law allowing same-sex couples to register their 'relationship' with the state, and they could have all the rights that the more militant among them keep bitching that they are denied. So now they have all the rights, except to call it marriage, because their relationship doesn't meet that definition. (and yes, I was thrilled to see all the family law/dissolution forms amended to include 'domestic partnership'...brave new world, indeed)

So it wasn't so much of a surprised to see that the state legislature is now quietly working behind the scenes to destroy any distinction detween the two. The purpose? Other than to call something marriage when it is not, forcing society's approval of a lifestyle that many do not agree with? My money is on a challenge to federal full-faith and credit.

The language, from SB 5688:

For the purposes of this chapter, the terms spouse, marriage,
marital, husband, wife, widow, widower, next of kin, and family shall
be interpreted as applying equally to state registered domestic partnerships or individuals in state registered domestic partnerships
as well as to marital relationships and married persons, and references
to dissolution of marriage shall apply equally to state registered
domestic partnerships that have been terminated, dissolved, or
invalidated, to the extent that such interpretation does not conflict
with federal law. Where necessary to implement this act, gender-
specific terms such as husband and wife used in any statute, rule, or
other law shall be construed to be gender neutral, and applicable to
individuals in state registered domestic partnerships.