Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Thoughts

I normally eschew planning and making resolutions because I find that Life usually has plans for me that have nothing to do with the plans I make for myself. Having said that, I decided to make a few this year...just because.

1. Laugh More. This last political season left me ragged out. The idea that the country could be so eager elect a blank canvas on which each BDS-suffering mentally deficient malcontent projected their most fevered fantasy was tough enough, but then when they returned to power the party that worked so hard to screw us all on the Freddie and Fannie deal, and crash the economy, costing taxpayer's TRILLIONS in bailouts of companies caught short by their own greed and poor business planning, I found myself depressed by so many Americans so willing to give up not only their birthright, but mine too. Now, sadly, geniuses like this one will be loudly proclaiming their breathtaking ignorance as loudly as they possibly can, and stamping their feet when reality lands on the shoulders of their hollow messiah and he has to actually, you know, lead.

2. Work Out Regularly. Not only does it do an exceptional job handling stress, I could stand to lose some weight and get my doctor off my back. Not to mention, experience has taught me that the masses would be more likely to be swayed by a slightly greying blond, green-grey eyed adonis than a slightly greying blond, green-grey eyed middle-aged guy who needs to lose weight. Just all part of doing my part to advance the VRWC doncha know.

3. Do More With Heir No. One's Scout Group. I have some really great memories of my time in scouts. I think he can too, but the organization here needs more help and more planning if the boys are going get everything out of it that they possibly can.

4. Work on Getting More Clients. The Boss doesn't want me to do it, but the fact is, I'm tired of us not making money when I know we can do better. That is going to mean dragging the firm into the 21st century with an actual website and professional email addresses.

5. Work on the Novel More Regularly. The thing isn't going to just write itself, after all.