Friday, February 29, 2008

Hell On Earth

I took some probate documents to court this afternoon to start a new estate that came into our office this week. The process is usually pretty simple. File the Petition, go downstairs to the exparte commissioner, give the Will, Order and a copy of the Petition to the clerk, sit down, and wait until your case is called.

I forgot that Friday afternoon is pro se divorce Hell.

Wave after wave of people representing themselves, who have been completely incapable of following the simplest directions in filling out the paperwork, failing to serve the now-despised spouse (I kid you not. One guy actually said "What do you mean? I have to tell that b***ch what I am doing?")

I didn't envy that pro tem commissioner one little bit.
I hated divorce cases when I had to do them for a living. I still hate them. And I got to sit through 11 of them this afternoon. All I could think is that there are way too many people with no fricking concept of what a commitment is. I drove the long way back to my office, with the windows down, and the radio up. I still feel like I need a mental shower. Yeeeccchhh!