Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Now, Its Time for the Carnival of "WRONG!"

Such an exciting week. We lead off with the Whatsisface Palin ticket making gains still, and in fact, making a strong showing the polls everywhere, including, of all places, New Jersey! The official Obama spin on this was, predicatbly, racism, specifically, white flight from the state. No explaination was given for why, exactly, this hurts Obama. Of course, this doesn't stop there. In addition to the usual "Shout 'em down because we can't fight 'em on substance" moves being made by the Obamabots, I was shown this, courtesy of the Rott:

The "your attitude provokes attacks" line was especially infuriating. Don't tell me that the sun is shining when the rain is running off my nose. It only pisses me off.

Then the Huff Poo printed a column by new-age charlatan Deepak Chopra about how Palin is all wrong for us, or some such crap. It was pretty difficult to read, and if I really wanted to read through nearly incomprehensible, self-righteous, hit pieces filled with flowery prose intended to disguise the odor of rotting pretzel logic which are utterly devoid of any semblance of reason and logic, I would simply read opposing counsel's trial briefs. However, whether or not the new age sage realized it, he exposed the fact that he simply doesn't get it with this gem:

Look at what she stands for:
--Small town values -- a denial of America's global role, a return to petty, small-minded parochialism.
--Ignorance of world affairs -- a repudiation of the need to repair America's image abroad.
--Family values -- a code for walling out anybody who makes a claim for social justice. Such strangers, being outside the family, don't need to be heeded.
--Rigid stands on guns and abortion -- a scornful repudiation that these issues can be negotiated with those who disagree.
--Patriotism -- the usual fallback in a failed war.
--"Reform" -- an italicized term, since in addition to cleaning out corruption and excessive spending, one also throws out anyone who doesn't fit your ideology.

Keep in mind that he finds the characteristics to be wrong for the country, he also fundamentally misunderstands what these traits say about us.

Small Town Values means that you look to your family care about each other, you look out for each other, and again, you are an individual, but you are still part of something larger than yourself, and how you participate effects how things go for everyone.

Ignorance of world affairs is provably wrong, but since he is an "intellectual", he need not be bothered by such trivial matters as inconvenient facts that monkey up a carefully crafted assessment of how he would like things to be. (See Gore, Al, and "Global Warming")

Family Values, meaning you believe in the family as the primary source of values and as a resource for assistance, knowledge, personal growth, and a way to ensure that the lessons learned by older generations are not simply lost before they are imparted to the younger ones. Families are to be cherished and protected, not torn asunder and supplanted by ersatz simulacrums seeking to usurp the family's legitimacy by insisting that they be recognized as the same them when they clearly are not.

Rigid stands on guns and abortion? Well, the Second Amendment means what it says, regardless of the most fevered wet dreams of Obama and the left, and that is a good thing, because it is truly what stands between keeping the nation I was born into and the one the Left would love to replace it with. As for abortion, a sane and civil populace does not slaughter its unborn children for any reason, let alone selfish desires that focus on the "ME", when the "ME" took a back seat to charge and responsibility of a life the "ME" helped to create.

Patriotism? You mean the belief that this country really is better than the rest, and a public recognition of the fact that this is true, because so many people from everywhere else in the world are trying so hard to get here. As for the "failed" war, NotSoDeep? Your guy was negotiating with the Iraqis to keep them from coming up with a withdrawal plan until after the election. If they are ready to talk about a withdrawal, that means that things are significantly better than they were a year, or two, or three ago. That isn't a "failed" war.

Reform. Yes that means roting out corruption in your own party. It also means naming the names of the esteemed members of government who have forgotten that government serves us, not the other way around, but in light of the deepening financial crisis, and the more information that comes out daily it, I can see where the Junior Senator from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would be concerned. With all the democrats making millions of dollars in mad money running the institutions into the ground, causing real pain in bailouts from the government, I'd be scared of the public knowing my name and role in it too.

Such a cockeyed world view can only seem normal to a "citizen of the world", who doesn't understand that our greatness didn't come from what we did for the world, in an attempt to make the world love us, but what we did for ourselves, and showing the world that freedom and prosperity go hand in hand. For some reason, the left, and the media (but I repeat myself) think that there is freedom in slavery and will try everything they can to enslave us. But enough of the Huffington Poo. Which brings me to the "So disgusting, I really would beat this person within an inch of his miserable life" moment.

Unfunny comedian Doug Stanhope and his truly revolting internet screed and offer. Using "Arrogant" when referring to the Left is truly redundant, but this letter to Bristol Palin offering her money to abort her child, because he is convinced that she really wants to do it, but her evil Christofascist Mother is preventing her from exercising her "Constitutional right" to do so. Breath taking? Absolutely. Utterly wrong? Absolutely. Do you want to see a face to face meeting between Todd Palin and Doug Stanhope over this? Absolutely. An excerpt:

Never in history has a woman been under more pressure to keep an unwanted pregnancy than Bristol Palin. She is the teenage daughter of Alaska Governor & Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin - a conservative, Creationist Christian power-vampire and pro-life huckster who has put Bristol and her un-welcomed fetus at the center of a politico-religious crusade to stop her exercising her constitutional right to terminate the pregnancy.

I prescribe a good beating, followed by a good beating.