Saturday, September 06, 2008

Let's Not Forget To Have Fun With It...

Ok. I have been more than a little serious this last few weeks. Politics does have that effect on me. So let's loosen up and play a game. I was talking to the Lady Lenore this evening, and entertained ourselves by playing a little game called "Who would you appoint in McCain/Palin administration?

I'll go first, but feel free to jump in:

1. Fred Thompson, Press Secretary
2. John Bolton, Secretary Of State
3. Mitt Romney, Secretary of Commerce
4. Joe Liberman, Secretary of Defense (yeah, I know. No one will be happy with that.)
5. Hillary Clinton, Ambassador to the UN.
6. James Inhot, Secretary of the Interior
7. Victor David Hanson, National Security Advisor
8. JC Watts...Don't Know Where Yet, but the opportunity to make the heads of race-pimps spin...