Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Reason Why Obama Is a Clownshoe.

Yeah, like we needed another reason, like the ones we have aren't good enough already. Apparently, he is once again sending the cease and desist letters to TV stations that are playing the current NRA ad that uses Obama's words against him. I know he has a truth problem, that being that the truth troubles him, but when he sends the letters, there is only one purpose in mind: itimidation. Now everyone knows that you an only be intimidated if you give someone the right to do so, and you are a fool to withhold that right from your betters, but Barry Obama isn't better than anyone. This is the guy who wants to be President, so he holds a press conference to say about the financial crisis "Call me if you need me." Yeah Barry, way to exhibit that "leading from behind" leadership.

And speaking of the financial crisis, I'm a little leary of letting the largest insurer in the nation fail, but I think they could do more with less of our money by taking the cap gains rate to zero for the next ten years and capping the corporate income tax rate at 10%, with serious requirements for corporations to conduct most if not all of their operations (manufacturing, accounting, distributing, etc.) here in the U.S. for the most favorable tax treatment. It'll never happen, of course. Spending our money is much more fun.