Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm going to get this part of it out of the way first:

To the Obama supporters, do not come crying on my shoulders when the Government's sticky fingers, emboldened by your Dear Leader, and lengthened by Pelosi, Reid, and a Democratically controlled Congress unleash a confiscatory process the likes of which has not been seen in decades upon your wallets, your 401(k)s, your IRAs, and your wages.

Do not come crying into my presence when you realize you traded your potential for what your government decides to let you have.

Do not weep in my hearing when you realize the "fairness" of the HOPE! and CHANGE! you sought places us all in the tyranny of mediocrity, an equality not of opportunity but of condition, which will lower more than it raises.

Do not sniffle in my arm's reach when you discover that some are more equal than others.

We warned you. We told you at every opportunity, and you refused to see.

I went into a Cub Scout meeting this evening, and came out to find that Americans had rejected their birthright. No longer content to be the pioneers and cowboys that changed the world, we have chosen to serve a government, rather than choosing a government that serves us.

To those who supported Obama, congratulations. We get the government we deserve. You don't realize yet what that means, but you will. To those of us who see the man for what he is, rather than what he wants us to see, take heart. Without Jimmy Carter, we could not have had a Ronald Reagan. The eagle took a beating tonight, but our symbol is not a chicken, or lemming.

The eagle will soar again.