Friday, November 07, 2008

Moving Forward

I have to say that I am a bit surprised.

Many of my internet friends have expressed that they are going to proceed to vilify and condemn the new President just because of the crap that left has spewed 24/7 for the last eight years. This exhibition of Obama Derangement Syndrome is disturbing, not because I think he is going to be a great President. If you have been reading my page for very long, you know that isn't true. No, I find it disturbing because people that I respect, people I like, people I consider very rational and logical have apparently lost their minds and have expressed a willingness to attack purely for the sake of attack. I have seen a threat of the banhammer leveled at a commenter who I think fails to get it consistently, but is worthwhile because he will actually debate and defend what he says, simply because he expressed an opinion, that while apparently idiotic, was not worthy of such an attack, especially in a forum where the one true sin is making threats against another. I watched as person after person pledged to exhibit symptoms of ODS starting now simply because all we have heard is BDS for the last 8 years. And this was coming from people who generally had feelings for Bush the vacillated between outrage at his positions on spending and border security/illegal immigration and indifference on nearly everything else. Now, I like a good dogpile as much as the next right-wing deathbeast, but I am disturbed by this willingness to spend so much time in wasted effort. 8 years of these loons spouting endless stupidity and venom about Bush did nothing to change our minds; there is no reason to think doing the same about Obama for the next four will achieve a different result. That is not to say that I will not generously apply ridicule and criticism in liberal doses when Barry the Blessed™ screws it up. That is my right as an American, and he seems to have gotten there already with his plans for mandatory "volunteer" service and taking a swipe at Nancy Reagan at a press conference. Congratulations there, speedy, way to demonstrate that brilliant intellect that we keep hearing so much about.

Having said that, I think we are further ahead doing the following:

1. Get behind young conservative politicians. Do what it takes to get them elected, support them if they have already been elected. We have to stop putting up candidates who are getting the nomination as a lifetime achievement award. (I wish I remembered where I heard that. I would love to give the attribution.)

2. Continue to support conservative principals.

3. Criticize the foibles of the left's leadership, but stay on message, and keep it so simple that even an Obama supporter like Peggy Joseph can understand it.

4. Educate, educate, educate.

5. Make the mainstream media irrelevant. They are on the ropes already, but we can put them under by continuing to report the news that they won't.

I started some of this already. Today, I dropped a three-page handwritten letter in the mail to Governor Palin. I thanked her for her decision to run, I thanked her for shattering the Left's carefully cultivated perception that we need to have a ruling class, and I thanked her and her family for dealing with some truly uncalled for and inexcusable attacks leveled at her and her family. Then I asked her to run again, because I truly believe that she is an excellent leader and is well qualified to run the country.

What's it gonna be guys and gals? Our own change we can believe in, or the same song only us singing it?