Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Can See That The Press Still Wants To Be Irresponsible

Thanks to my brother Alex, I got to read the NY Times Article about the press still calling the election before the voting is done. The RCOB moment:

Similarly, the editor of the Web site Slate, David Plotz, said in an e-mail message that “if Obama is winning heavily,” he could see calling the race “sometime between 8 and 9.”

“Our readers are not stupid, and we shouldn’t engage in a weird Kabuki drama that pretends McCain could win California and thus the presidency,” Mr. Plotz wrote. “We will call it when a sensible person — not a TV news anchor who has to engage in a silly pretense about West Coast voters — would call it.”

This would be the same Slate that jumped on the bandwagon of anyone not voting for Obama being "RACIST!!!1!!", so we no how authoritative and impartial they are.

As one of those West Coast voters, suggest that Mr. Plotz go play in traffic. Blindfolded.