Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Earned My Right To Continue Speaking Out

After getting the boys out the door and fixing my hair, I got in the car and drove to my polling place. I stood in line, and before long, an elderly black gentleman in an "Obama for President" shirt and a Purple Heart baseball cap came up and stood next to the front door, so everyone could see his shirt. An older gentleman in line in front of me looked at the RCW section posted on the door, and said to the other man standing by the door "You're standing too close."
The elderly black gentleman pretended not to hear. The gentleman repeated himself. This time the elderly black gentleman said "I paid my dues, sir."
The gentleman said "I never said you didn't, but the law says you have to stand 300 feet away from the polls." A poll worker saw what was going on and told the elderly black gentleman that he was violating the law and standing too close to the door. They needed more voters from the back half of the alphabet, so I went in. He wasn't there when I came out. If I see him on the 11 o'clock news bitching about "being intimidated at the polls", I just might scream.