Saturday, June 24, 2006

Throwing the B(D)S Flag

For those of you (the three or four who come by regularly) who are paying attention, I like to play over at Bareknuckle It attracts some articulate, well-reasoned people on both sides, as well as some truely unbelievable knuckleheads. A few of the BDS suffering oxygen-robbers simply refuse to say die, even when their argument is in tatters around their feet. That is why I was disappointed again yesterday when we had a newbie mouthing off again about how our civil liberties are being taken away in the war on terror, and how we will never get them back. Once again, I stepped up and asked for a real-life example of how they had somehow been affected. No generalizations. No theoreticals. A bona fide, concrete example. Once again, I was greeted with deafening silence. Suddenly, the newbie with so much to say is MIA. Honestly, it mkes me so angry I could spit. This is after a running rhetorical conflict the day before with the lefties, liberals, and loons on the discovery of the 500 chemical warheads in Iraq. (Yes, there really were WMDs in Iraq.)
Immediately, the race was on to move the goal posts. "The CIA didn't think it was a significant find." "The weapons were degraded. Honestly, you could pour the contents over your cereal in the morning and suffer no ill effects." "Mustard gas isn't a WMD." "They were old before the first Gulf war."
They have been asking for years now, "Where were the WMDs?" They get proof, and devote signifcant time and energy to finding ways to discount it, or dismiss it. If it doesn't fit in with their preconceived notions, it cannot be true for them. (But they will willingly take the word of the people we are fighting on 'attrocities' committed by US troops. C'mon, 7 Marines and a Navy Corpsman murdered an unarmed civilian? A corpsman? Get real.) Yet on something far more real to all involved, they cannot answer a simple question. This is why we cannot trust the people screaming the loudest on this subject. They simply have let their BDS get the better of them, if they had any judgment and common sense before.