Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just Because We Need Some Inspiration From Time to Time...

Gore-Bot A Little Sensitive Regarding Accusations of Environmental Hypocricacy

I read this today during lunch. Seems like al-ja-Gora has been feeling just a bit sensitive about the spotlight turned on his own carbon footprint. The question I this: How can he possibly know that his electricity is being supplied from primarily 'green' sources, and if it is true, as a wealthier person in this country, shouldn't he forego that 'green' electricity so it is available for some poor working schlub who doesn't have the resources of financial wherewithall to purchase those much-hyped carbon offset credits?

Just sayin', s'all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yes, I Am Offended

It seems like every time I turn around, someone is doing their level best to piss me off.

First, it was the Greenpeace ad with the mouthy kid in the hoodie telling adults off because those of us with jobs aren't willing to plunge into a new dark ages to minimize the effects of global warming. All the hallmarks that I would fully expect from this crowd: Sneering self-righteousness, an unquestioning acceptance of dubious science, and unmistakable contempt for anyone who has the termerity to question the neo-religion of enviro-nuticism.

Then, it was finding out that our loverly state legislature is working on a law regarding a new sex ed cirriculum, written by lesbians, that would be taught to first-graders. They are trying to take away my son's innocence and force-feed him their agenda at the same time. Words cannot do justice to this white-hot rage boiling up from those primal places in me that these 'legislators' do not want to have come to the surface. My State Senator will be receiving a call from me about this, and will continue to receive calls from me until they actually work on legislation that is necessary. All the things that don't f'in work in the schools here, and they are wasting time on this. The continued sexualization of children will no doubt leave all the perverts in our society pleased. There will be no shortage of targets for these predators to exploit, and if anyone tries to speak out against this despicable trend, they are immediately branded "intolerant", and treated as if the inablility to be accepting of their perversion is in itself a dread disease that is contagious. Enough. You want to bugger children, to screw em up as bad as you are? Then be ready for my lack of acceptance of your perversion.

The Senate Bill Report on this bill was certainly enlightening:

From the Pro paragraph:
"While parents are primarily responsible for providing their children sex education, it is a difficult issue and most parents are in favor of schools teaching comprehensive sex education"

Oh really? I guess that must be true. You have done such an outstanding job teaching them the things that you are supposed to teach them. We know what this is really about: Control. If we indocrinate them while they're young, we can have the age of consent lowered to six in a generation. NAMBLA paradise, and entire generation of wasted youth in its wake. No thank you.

From the Con paragraph:
"Parents and local school districts need to have control over cirriculum...Sex education may impose values contrary to families' values.


"Comprehensive sex education sends students mixed messages and does not prevent students from having sex."


And then, while watching TV this afternoon, I got treated to an AARP ad with children lecturing me about how we can do better on things like health care. Memo to old folks: Before you retired and lost your minds, you resented wealth-redistribution schemes because they were a treat to the work that you had done in providing for yourselves and your families. This hasn't changed. Those of us still working still see this as a threat. Another thing about services that you seem to have forgotten: They are worth what you pay for them. You don't want free health care. You really don't. So dip into your savings already, and leave the assistance for those not sitting on large nest eggs, or transferring wealth to their children to qualify for Medicaid spend-downs.

And the Mexicans are now pissed and alleging that we have intruded onto their soil while building a wall to keep them out? This would be comical if our 'diplomats' weren't so quick with their attempt to smooth things over. Real border control is an idea whose time has come, and given that the stakes are our way of life, I suggest that we act accordingly.

Just stop already.

Vacation is Booked!

Mrs. Blackiswhite and I booked our vacation to Disneyland yesterday. I swore I would never set foot in the state of Californiweird, but it is too much money and too much time to take the heirs to the mouse kingdom in Florida. I liked it there, but we just can't do it this year. Maybe next year. The good news is we got what looks like a pretty good deal.

More Reading

Started a new book today. "Suicide of the West". I know what I think the root causes are. Let's see if they match with those of people who have had time to research the subject. I'll let you know if it is worthwhile. My recommendations for other reads: "The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis, "Red Star Rogue" by Ken Seward, "The 5 Love Needs of Men and Women" by Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Biohazard Zone

We got to go to the local uegent care facility Sunday morning because Heir No. One and Two were not feeling well. They tested positive for Strep throat. Yea.

Mrs. Balckiswhite stayed home today to go to the Doctor. Tested positive for Strep. She called me at work and ordered me [She isn't called 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' for nothing] to go to the Doctor. Even though I feel crappy, I tested negative. Got the script in case I get worse. Mheh. Doc hasn't figured out that I am rotten to the core. Mheh.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Creatativity of My Tribe is Truly Endless!

Caught this story at the Globe and Mail today. I guess it is true. The internet IS for prOn. And now it's apparently OK at work, too. Dick will be soooooo happy.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Despite my best efforts to cloud his mind with with the dark side of the force, the Emperor Darth Misha I at the Rott decided to share the love since LC Brendan reached up from down under to tag him. He is the Dread Emperor, after all.

So be it. You may be sorry you asked.

Six Unusual Things About Me.

1. I interned in the Canadian House of Commons in 1993. Our group of American students worked security at the Progressive-Conservative Leadership Convention that summer. I'm convinced that Kim Campbell was Brian Mulroney's parting joke to the party.

2. I think that no piece of jewelry is more sexy on a woman than pearls. Period.

3. I seriously considered seeking an appointment to the Air Force academy until I had a long talk with a third year cadet from West Point. At the time, I still had issues with authority, and I realized that I probably wouldn't be a good fit there. Now I am the man, so that isn't really an issue any more.

4. I collected comic books when I was younger.

5. In my stupid youth, I used to engage in the fine art of hood skiing, and managed to never get run over by the car.

6. I am allergic to bee stings. When I was a kid at church camp, a wasp got in my shoe, and I stepped on it repeatedly. It returned the favor by stinging me repeatedly. I woke up 12 hours later in the first aid cabin. I did not even remember being stung.

Who am I tagging?








Friday, February 09, 2007

The Attraction of 24

I've had occassion for a few years now to consider just why it is that I find 24 so damn entertaining. The answer is simple an complex at the same time. Jack Bauer is the modern-day equivalent of John Wayne.

Sit back down. Stop shouting at your monitor. I can't really hear you anyway. I can certainly understand that this remark might upset you. I didn't come to this conclusion quickly or easily. We don't really have any unsullied heroes left in our society. Doctors have had their share of proffessional blackeyes. Cops have been maligned. Astronauts were just taken down a peg this week. Used car salesmen, lawyers, and politicians have been on 'the list' for decades. "Priest" calles to mind images of leacherous old men buggering children. Accountants took their hit with Enron. I really don't know what the Duke would think of life today, but I can't shake the feeling that he would look upon Jack's activities over the years with grim approval. I don't think he would feel the same about certain elements in our society that seem to bend over backwards in an attempt to hold the viper to our collective bosom.

The Duke would approach a matter honestly, understanding the need to speak plainly and directly. No dancing, no euphemisms. If it wasn't right, if it was a threat, he'd say so, and deal with it appropriately, and would brook no nonsense about it having to be done. He stood up for this country and faced the threats to it. This is the same thing Jack does.

What has changed?
This is an interesting thing to ponder. The answer is equally simple and complex. The simple: 'They' have changed. Unlike in the Duke's day, our enemies have no stomach to meet us in a stand-up fight. They are stateless and don't wear uniforms. They prefer it that way. And dependng on their motivations, they may be lurking in the most unexpected places. The Complex: We have changed. Jack's world is our own in miniature. No domestic happlily ever afters. Office politics taken to absurd extremes. Representatives of subgroups more preoccupied with how somehing affects them than how something affects us all. Unreasoning hatred turned in our direction simply because we exist. Those charged with maintaining the well-being of us all shirking responsibility because someone might hold them accountable for making a decision. And standing tall between these threats and us is Jack.

Jack is the guy who will make the decision. Jack is the guy who will take out the bad guy when it needs to be done. Jack will use the bad guy to get good results. When things go south, and something must be done, all the eyes in the room turn to Jack. And Jack acts accordingly. He does this knowing that he won't be popular, that he will make people angry, that he may put his own health and well-being on the line. And if he profiles, if he 'violates civil rights', if he says what many of us think, but dare not say in a society that has abandoned reason, logic and resonsibility for hypersensitivity, diversity, and deferrence, often to the point of reckless endangerment to ourselves, then I can support it. Maybe Jack does things that the Duke never did, but the Duke's brother was never a power-mad nutbar playing a sitting President, assasinating a prior President, and pinning it on the Duke, then leaving him in the hands of a foreign power with an axe to grind. When the dust settles, Jack does what is right to save this County, with little or no thanks, and he doesn't shirk responsibility for his actions. Just like the Duke. And that's why we love him.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Wonder If Those of Us Not Too Far To the South Should Be Worried?

Further down the page at the Globe And Mail site:

B.C. put on alert for huge quake
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
VANCOUVER — Scientists have alerted British Columbia's emergency-planning department to the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake striking the province's southwest coast next week. While the probability of a quake is still low, rapid strides in earthquake detection have given federal scientists with the Pacific Geoscience Centre on Vancouver Island greater confidence in their ability to predict when and where one will occur.

Kinda like the daily security threat level, huh?

Worried About the Environment? The Useless Nitwits Have Your Back.

This morning in the Globe and Mail, I spied this headline:
New UN agency to manage environment"

Having just come off an unbelievable week, the prospect of a series of well-deserved belly laughs prompted me to read on.

"PARIS — Hundreds of scientists, business leaders, and non-governmental organizations have called for a new United Nations agency to manage the environment.
The new agency would transform the existing UN Environment Program, into “a fully-fledged international organization that is genuinely universal,” French President Jacques Chirac told delegates to the Citizens of the Earth conference, which was organized by his government."

Of course! Behind every addle-brained, half-baked, declaration of global control of an issue that obviously requires lots of speaking by self-important blowhards to rooms full of the 'concerned', who are so inspired that they're wringing their hands extra hard, you're bound to find a fwenchman with a plan.

“We know that humans are destroying, at an alarming rate, resources and balances that have enabled them to evolve and are determining their future,” he said. “We must admit to ourselves that we can no longer afford to be idle and that the risks and dangers are exacerbated with each passing day.”

But he can't seem to find the backbone to prevent the nightly car-b-ques occurring nightly in the arondisments that the mightly fwench government have surrendered to the 'youths of undefined orgin' who are committed to the destruction of western civilization. Plenty of volitile organic compounds being released into the atmosphere by those fires. Coupled with that gallic sense of hygene and the fwench tendency to share their useless opinions with anyone, whether or not they were solicited, and it sounds to me like the conference was held at the site of some of the worst offenses.

"Delegates at the meeting said UN efforts to protect the environment until now have been ineffective because of a lack of political commitment and because there is too much red tape. "

Yeah, that whole sovereignty thing is such a downer. I mean, can't these governements just realize that its for the chiiiillllllddrrenn(and the opportunity to take anything of value not nailed down)?

"Mr. Chirac said the new organization would be a “strong voice with universal recognition.” It would assess environmental damage, monitor various agreements to protect the environment, and promote technology to protect ecosystems."

Yes, certainly. The world needs more talk. Even Shrillery knows it.

"He also called for an international declaration that would make the right to a sound environment a universal human right."

Right on, Sparky. Good luck making that declaration a reality.

Why is it that power and delusions seem to walk hand in hand?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Arrogance and Intolerance, Indeed

For those of you living under a rock, the Washington Post blogger William "I Support the Troops" Arkin posted a tirade Tuesday entitled "The Troops Also Need to Support the American Public" http://

Cutting to the chase, this was a hit piece, dripping with condescension, in which Bellicos Billy pretends to thoughtfully "mull over" a story run on NBC sunday in which the troops on the ground were asked what THEY thought about a few things. Understandably, Billy was upset because asking those in the know what they thought rather than trying to tell the rest of us how it isn't deviates significantly from the script used in the major media outlets. The reporter responsible for the story, Richard Engel has taken a huge risk by going to the horse's mouth, and will no doubt face ostracism and a career stall, but predictably, the hollowed members of the fourth estate stick together and instead of unloading on his collegue Dick, Billy decided that the real scolding should be given to the troops. These troops expressed their displeasure with the two-faced reality behind the sacred liberal meme "I support the troops, but I don't support the war." More than one soldier expressed an opinion that this is utter hooey, and in so doing, damaged poor little Billy's psyche enough that he lashed out in response showing his true colors.

"I'm all for everyone expressing their opinion, even those who wear the uniform of the United States Army. But I also hope that military commanders took the soldiers aside after the story and explained to them why it wasn't for them to disapprove of the American people."

This one statement speaks volumes. The implecations are staggering. No one possessing reason and logic would question the propriety of an American soldier expressing discontent with the military or civilian leadership. Such an event is destructive to order and morale. But when an American soldier expresses dismay with the insincerity of the American left, and their darlings like Cindy Shehan and Michael Moore for making rediculous statements without support and instead of being challenged by the media, they are embraced, they are doing two things: speaking out against another, more pernicious morale-killer, and exercising their rights, yes, the very rights they are defending, that they have as citizens of this nation.

But if wasn't enough for Billy to show his true face. He decided to compound his error with condecension and insults. You can read the column yourself, but to whine about the way we care for soldiers and their families, to call them mercenaries, and to stupidly allege that we "ship obscene amenities in to the war zone for them", well you understand that poor Billy was in full froth. It was the kind of moment when other, wiser people would have hesitated before pressing "SEND", just on the off-chance that maybe it was a little too over the top. Not Billy. Billy was so supremely confident that his opinion had merit that he felt compelled to speak for the "American Public" (and no, Billy, you don't) in his childish outrage that American Soldiers dare make remarks that suggest that they don't buy the impassioned statements of "support" that he and his ilk desperately foist upon us whenever anyone dares question their patriotism.

Poor Billy. He really didn't foresee the sheer numbers of the American Public who did not appreciate his usurpation of their voice when he lashed out. The next day, he posted a half-hearted retraction of his use of the word "mercenary", but of course, when people continued to let him know that he didn't speak for them, his yellow feathers got ruffled and stiffened in the self-perceived righteousness of his opinion. Never one to miss the opportunity to show the world his ass, Bellicos Billy sat down at his keyboard to again to elequently convert his detractors by clumsily shaming them into accepting his opinion. In so doing, he gave us yet another priceless insight into the liberal mindset in the now classic work of irony "The Arrogant and Intolerant Speak Out"

His reaction to the blowtorch of criticism he pointed in his own direction was to paint his detractors with a broad brush, portraying them all as believing that he shouldn't express his own opinion and that he should just die. While many noted he expressed his opinion, they did tell him what he could do with it, which was a fair expression of their own opinions...a dish too difficult for Billy to swallow, but such is life. In a nod to the possibility that perhaps he was wrong about some of his earlier statements, he attempted to rehabilitate the prior column with a characterization that God in all his omniscience could not reasonably infer from the prior offense:

"I said I was bothered by the notion that "the troops" were somehow becoming hallowed beings above society, that they had an attitude that only they had the means - or the right - to judge the worthiness of the Iraq endeavor."

He neither said nor implied any such thing, but as any good little liberal, he wasn't about to let fact get in the way of an attempt to cover his ass. And also true to liberal form, he falled to see the stupidity in his own arrogant belief that the troops, the ones actually on the ground day in and day out, did not have a valid opinion about the Iraq endeavor. It isn't like the media has tripped all over itself in a rush to ask the troops what they think. That would mean that the American Public that Billy claims to speak for might hear something different than the daily servings of "Bush is bad, Bush is an idiot, Bush is losing this war" that the media shovels around with reckless abandon. Even worse, such a practice might allow the American Public o hear that a war the left keeps claiming is unwinnable might be won if we agree to unshackle our troops by abandoning the Rules of Engagement that practically require troops to die before their fellow soldiers can respond.
But Billy just can't help himself. Behind the safety of his keyboard, he takes yet another shot at these soldiers, showing even more of what he REALLY thinks:

"These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that: Evidently, far too many in uniform believe that they are the one true nation. They hide behind the constitution and the flag and then spew an anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, anti-journalism, anti-dissent, and anti-citizen message that reflects a certain contempt for the American people."

Wheeew. Where do we start?
"These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that: Evidently, far too many in uniform believe that they are the one true nation. "
Hmmmmmm. How should we interpret this? That our soldiers, whom we expect to embody our best and brightest do not have the right to think of themselves as such, even though, for better or worse, we are ambassadors for our nation? AND how dare they have an opinion that he does not approve of? Back to the re-education camps with them!

"They hide behind the constitution and the flag and then spew an anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, anti-journalism, anti-dissent, and anti-citizen message that reflects a certain contempt for the American people." Projecting a bit, aren't we Billy? They don't hide behind the Constitution, they defend it. The only people I see hiding behind the Constitution are journalists trying to defend statements and stories that in other eras would have garnered the authors one-way trips to the pokey in a place where they could blab all they wanted because NO ONE would evry hear them. As for anti-Democrat, they have the right to vote. If you were in their places, you wouldn't be too eager to support those who look upon you with contempt and derision, so you can't really be upset about this---if you concede they have the same rights as you. Anti-liberal? Nothing more needs to be said about this indictment from the liberal court of Bellicos Billy. Anti-journalism? Let me put it this way. If you walk into my room daily, and smack me in the face and spit in my eye, I'm likely to hold and express the opinion that Billy and the rest of his tribe, who behave the same way, are all assholes. No shock there, truely. Anti-dessent? Dissenting from dissent. Nothing more American than that, but any liberal must automatically assume that this means their rights are being infringed upon, so I understand his confusion.

Anti-citizen. *sigh*
You just don't get it, Billy. These people don't volunteer because their masocistic fascists who enjoy long tours of duty away from their homes and loved ones to go to places where they could get killed and where they must follow a set of rules that their enemies are unhindered by, all for the priviledge of so-so pay, Dear John/Dear Jane letters and the chance to hold a firearm. They do it because they believe they are defending our country, because they believe they are making us all safer, because they believe that they are contributing to something greater than themselves. They have an espirit de corps that people like Billy will never understand. He may catch a glimmer of what motivates these fine people, like something flashing in a bright room, but always out of reach. Unable to see beyond his own sense of self-importance, his own delusion that his contribution to society and freedom is superior to theirs, he will always be like a bitter old man, lamenting the spark in others that he miself does not possess, and can never understand, and so resolve himself to attack it instead at every turn. The sad thing is that he knows this. That is why he claims to speak for the American Public when he delivers his steaming offerings for the perusal of the reading public. He intends it to be a talisman, to ward off the freightening and destructive realization that his opinions are his own, and they are offensive. This is my opinion Billy. I don't claim to speak for the entire American Public. I speak for myself, and I know my opinion is worthwhile because it matters to me. I don't hide from it and I don't apologize for it, only take it back at a later date. You are a small man. I don't mean in stature. I mean that something in your character never fully developed. That would be ok, except you know it, and this knowledge drives you to say outrageous things. That is your right, but perhaps you should be man enough to accept the consequences of your keyboard.