Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Thought on the Middle East Conflict

I have been thinking a lot about the current conflict in the Mid-East lately. I have to admit that I have reservations about Israel chasing the crazies from hisblownwadd into Lebannon, and continuing the pursuit despite the fact that civilians are in the way. At the same time, I admire Israli restraint. Yes, I said restraint.

I said restraint, because the second another terrorist scum attacked my people after I just gave up big chunks of land for peace, there wouln't be a safe place for them to hide.

If Ahmadinnerjacket in Iranistan and Assadd in Syria are pulling the strings, their arab bretheren should rein them in before it gets beyond the point of redemption and the middle east oil supply ends up glowing and of no use to anyone for centuries.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Two Courts Tell Neal and Bob That They Can't Be Husband and Husband.

New York's and Georgia's Supreme Courts told homosexuals today that if they want to have the legal right to marry, then they will have to go through the legislatures to get it. In New York's case, plantiffs were suing to change the law regarding marriage that had been on the books since the early twentieth century. In Georgia, plantiffs were suing to overturn a voter approved initiative banning gay marriage that passed by 76%. It is so refreshing to hear about courts that uphold the law, rather thn make it up out of whole cloth. You listening, Massachusetts?

Reflections on the 4th

Sorry for the light blogging. Life was happening.
We had a nice 4th here. Good food at my in-laws. The kids were reasonably well-behaved. The "show" was as good as ever. Note to self: DO NOT BUY THE 12 INCH MORTARS AGAIN. When we had them two years ago, on malfunctioned and detonated a lot closer to the ground than it was supposed to. This year, two of them barely made it back out of the tube before exploding. That was a little scary. Shrapnel from one of them hit me in the shoulder. Also scary, but no burns and nothing broken. We came home, and while Mrs. Blackiswhite carried in Heir No.2, the yeahoos down the street diliberately turned their mortar over afer droppibg a shell in it. As Mrs. Blackiswhite was in the line of fire, you can imagine that she was not amused. I'm starting to think they should make you pass an IQ test before you can purchase the big stuff. Ha! "I'm afraid I can't sell you any of these fireworks, sir. You see, the test says that you are too stupid to purchase them."

Yeah, right.