Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Return to Normalcy

Christmas is over, the boys have started to calm down, I can almost see the living room floor again, and I can still smell my new cologne even after wearing it all day. Now if I could just start feeling like I'm not so tired...

Who's the Third?

It has been an interesting week in the world of who died. James Brown, the godfather of soul, is no longer the hardest working man in showbiz, at least not on this planet. Gerald Ford, 83rd President, and the only one with the dubious distinction of not having been elected to the Vice-Presidency or the Presidency died at age 93. While it was sad to see the loss of an ex-President who retained some dignity and decorum in retirement, rather than pissing on our flag and nation to any hostile government willing to grant a podium (are you listening Dhimmi Carter?), the guy was old, and served the country with distinction for decades. Godspeed to him, and condolences to the Ford family. Now, the question that remains is : "Who's next?" These things seem to come in threes. Who is the next public figure to die before the new year?

Returning to President Ford, I have heard a lot of carping in the past 24 hours about his pardon of Nixon. I've thought a lot about it myself. I was only 4 when he granted the pardon, so as you can imagine, i wasn't really paying attention at that time. In the interim, I have voratiously studied American 20th Century History, and my first degree was in Political Science. When I earned that degree, I had more intellect than wisdom (what 20 something doesn't?) and I roundly condemned the pardon. As I have picked up the mileage and years, I have thought again and again about this. It isn't that I've mellowed. Not really. I have learned to pick my battles, and if I turn a blowtorch in your direction, I'm not going away. He's my current analysis: Nixon was a jackass. I'm not so naive to think that he is the only president to engage in election chicanery. But he did get caught, and he lied about it. No mea culpa. No apologies of any sort. Just denial, and manuvering. The damage he inflicted on the public's perception of politics is incalculable. No quarter, and none asked for. His actions gave rise to the cynicism that dominates the political process today. His actions turned off an entire generation to politics. People who might have let their better natures take them into public service stopped caring and paying attention. Actual involvement became unthinkable. As a result, elements that have always been present, but rarely dominant in politics came into control. A government meant to serve the people ended up serving its own officials and the people who put them there.

But Ford's pardon of Nixon is a diferent matter. Would justice have been served by letting an investigation, indictment, and trial of Nixon? It is hard to say. While it would have demonstrated that not even the President is above the law, it would have impaired our country's ability to pay attention to anything else. If you asked me ten years ago if I thought the pardon was wrong, I would have said "YES!"

Now I can see the value of shutting the door on a process that would not have any positive benefit for the country, and surely cost Ford the next election. Doing it let those who wanted blood unsatisfied, but in no uncertain terms kept the country moving forward, rather than allowing it to linger over a period that we would rather forget. That took the conviction of a true public servant. Thank you Mr. President, for the example. Thank you Mr. Brown, for the music.
*exits to 'Funky Drummer'*

Friday, December 22, 2006

Another Christmas

Another year has sped by, and here we are on the cusp of Christmas again. The good news is that those who seem to hate Jesus and all he stands for are have been pushed by to the fringes, rather than being allowed to call the tune and denounce any foolish enough to call the holiday what it is for a majority of Americans. Even better, these wild-eyed fanatics are not happy about it. Boo-Hoo. Atheism and rock-worship both suffer from the same flaw: each stamps its foot and howls and moans when it doesn't get its way.

Things are ramped up high in the Blackiswhite household. The children are all tweeked out of their minds for the big day, and the eldest has displayed several emotional outbursts that would make any 13 year old girls proud. At work, 'tis the season to sue, and at home, anxiety of the youngest's speech difficulties, on top of the usual Christmas madness make it a less than restful place.

So without further dithering,




Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pali Pres Calls for Early Election, Ham-Ass Squeals At Unfairness of it All.

Say this headline at the Globe and Mail this morning:

Hamas rails against early vote(69)
Hamas denounces president's decision, calling it a 'coup' against the will of the Palestinian people 11:15 AM (69)

For all of Ham-Ass's screeching about thwarting the will of the people, we can look past the bullshit an get right to the TRUE nature of their complaint:

"But we have not had time to consolidate our party's resources." which means "We have not yet had the chance to kill all who oppose us."


"We have not had an opportunity to do any campaigning." which means "We haven't killed any Jooooooos in at least a week. Let us launch a string of high-profile terrorist attacks before you hold the election."

And they think we don't understand middle east politics. Mheh.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Broke My Own Rule

I broke my own rule. I underestimated the stupidity of a would-be revisionist.

I was over at the playground (Bareknuckle Politics-Home of the Stupidest Trolls on the Planet!) when I was greeted with the following statement:

"treaty of tripoli was a founding document however, and it CLEARLY states that we are in no way a christian nation. "

A moment of breathtaking stupidity, from a clue-challenged knuckledragger who refers to himself by the misappelation "the Truth" or as I lovingly refer to him, "Truthless".

The Treaty of Tripoli:

Treaty of Peace and Friendship, signed at Tripoli November 4, 1796 (3 Ramada I, A. H. 1211), and at Algiers January 3, 1797 (4 Rajab, A. H. 1211). Original in Arabic. Submitted to the Senate May 29, 1797. (Message of May 26, 1797.) Resolution of advice and consent June 7, 1797. Ratified by the United States June 10, 1797. As to the ratification generally, see the notes. Proclaimed Jane 10, 1797.
The following fourteen pages of Arabic are a reproduction of the text in the original treaty book, first the pages of the treaty in left-to-right order of pagination, and then the " receipt " and the " note " mentioned, according to the Barlow translation, in Article 10. Following the Arabic and in the same order, is the translation of Joel Barlow as written in the treaty book-the twelve articles of the treaty, the "receipt," and the "note"; and after these is the approval of David Humphreys from the same document, which is fully described in the notes. Following those texts is the annotated translation of 1930.
Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary.
There is a firm and perpetual Peace and friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and subjects of Tripoli of Barbary, made by the free consent of both parties, and guaranteed by the most potent Dey & regency of Algiers.
If any goods belonging to any nation with which either of the parties is at war shall be loaded on board of vessels belonging to the other party they shall pass free, and no attempt shall be made to take or detain them.
If any citizens, subjects or effects belonging to either party shall be found on board a prize vessel taken from an enemy by the other party, such citizens or subjects shall be set at liberty, and the effects restored to the owners.
Proper passports are to be given to all vessels of both parties, by which they are to be known. And, considering the distance between the two countries, eighteen months from the date of this treaty shall be allowed for procuring such passports. During this interval the other papers belonging to such vessels shall be sufficient for their protection.
A citizen or subject of either party having bought a prize vessel condemned by the other party or by any other nation, the certificate of condemnation and bill of sale shall be a sufficient passport for such vessel for one year; this being a reasonable time for her to procure a proper passport.
Vessels of either party putting into the ports of the other and having need of provissions or other supplies, they shall be furnished at the market price. And if any such vessel shall so put in from a disaster at sea and have occasion to repair, she shall be at liberty to land and reembark her cargo without paying any duties. But in no case shall she be compelled to land her cargo.
Should a vessel of either party be cast on the shore of the other, all proper assistance shall be given to her and her people; no pillage shall be allowed; the property shall remain at the disposition of the owners, and the crew protected and succoured till they can be sent to their country.
If a vessel of either party should be attacked by an enemy within gun-shot of the forts of the other she shall be defended as much as possible. If she be in port she shall not be seized or attacked when it is in the power of the other party to protect her. And when she proceeds to sea no enemy shall be allowed to pursue her from the same port within twenty four hours after her departure.
The commerce between the United States and Tripoli,-the protection to be given to merchants, masters of vessels and seamen,- the reciprocal right of establishing consuls in each country, and the privileges, immunities and jurisdictions to be enjoyed by such consuls, are declared to be on the same footing with those of the most favoured nations respectively.
The money and presents demanded by the Bey of Tripoli as a full and satisfactory consideration on his part and on the part of his subjects for this treaty of perpetual peace and friendship are acknowledged to have been recieved by him previous to his signing the same, according to a reciept which is hereto annexed, except such part as is promised on the part of the United States to be delivered and paid by them on the arrival of their Consul in Tripoly, of which part a note is likewise hereto annexed. And no presence of any periodical tribute or farther payment is ever to be made by either party.
As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.
In case of any dispute arising from a notation of any of the articles of this treaty no appeal shall be made to arms, nor shall war be declared on any pretext whatever. But if the (consul residing at the place where the dispute shall happen shall not be able to settle the same, an amicable referrence shall be made to the mutual friend of the parties, the Dey of Algiers, the parties hereby engaging to abide by his decision. And he by virtue of his signature to this treaty engages for himself and successors to declare the justice of the case according to the true interpretation of the treaty, and to use all the means in his power to enforce the observance of the same.
Signed and sealed at Tripoli of Barbary the 3d day of Jumad in the year of the Higera 1211-corresponding with the 4th day of Novr 1796

Now understand, Truthless was using this to say we aren't a Christian nation. Considering that there is no official state religion in this counrty, unlike others, say...theBarbary Coast states???, he is correct. However,Truthless, it cannot be truthfully stated that this is in any way a 'founding' document. He/she/it did not explain the basis for such a silly assertion, but there are some interesting events surrounding this treaty.

At that time in history, we were a fledgling nation, still unable to discourage hostile parties from preying upon our shipping, and along the northern coast of Africa, the 'Barbary Coast', the islamic nations there supported pirates who went out onto the shipping to do what pirates do best: murder and steal. All in the name of Allah. For a time, our ships could count on the aid and protection of the English and French ships who plied the waters. However, with the rise of Napoleon, the English became obsessed with blockading the French, and the nations who allied with them. As time passed the needs of manpower to keep the blockade in force lead the English to board American ships and kidnap American sailors. This practice, known as impressment, was one of the causes of our second conflict with the Britsh Empire in less than a half a century. Without this protection, our shipping was an easy target for the muslim pirates. We soon sought a treaty, (think neogotiated extortion) to relieve the threat against our ships. Hence the treaty.

Now the clause Truthless got him/her/itself all stirred up about, Article 11, was in the copy of the text translated from the Arabic by the diplomat in the region. Let that sink in for a moment.

It was translated from the arabic text.

That means that it could not have been a statement authored by elected representatives of our government, meant to be a statement by us, about what we are about.

All communication at that time was subject to the limitations of travel, which meant it was nearly two years before this copy got to the Senate. The records of the time indicate that it was read aloud on the floor before the vote to ratify it was held. Personally, I find the record dubious, if only because today's Congressional Record frequently publishes entire texts of speeches never said aloud in Congress.

What is more noteworthy is the fact that the treaty renewed eight years later did not contain the Article. It would be unusual to delete something so 'formative', something that nimwits like Truthless' so fervently cling to as conclusive proof that Christianity wasn't the elephant in the room during our nation's formative years, and our law wasn't an extension of the judeo-christian values and mores that were embodied in the jurisprudence of western civilization.

'Founding document', my great-aunt Hattie.

Memo to all would-be revisionists: If you are going to rewrite history to fit your spiritually-stunted agenda, don't rely on a document 'negotiated' at gunpoint, that was changed to remove your weak-kneed justification at the earliest opportunity.

And Truthless, use your head for something more than a place to hang your dunce cap. It is getting tiresome correcting your stupidity.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Guests Are Coming

We now have an office at the Dept. of Domestic Affairs over at the Rott. If you came here from there, please make yourself at home. Just don't barf on the furniture. I just had it cleaned.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An American's Response to Ahamadinnerjacket's Open Letter

Since this waste of skin had the audacity to address me directly with this nonsense, I felt it appropriate to give him my response as an American—through the magic of interlination.

Message of H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
If he is deserving of the honorific "Dr.", then my J.D. and LL.M. should entitle me to pompously refer to myself as "Dr." also.

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Proof of what happens when no real competition is allowed.

To the American PeopleIn the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Whose mercy is demonstrated by the fact that you are still sucking oxygen instead of gracing the pavement as a scorchmark remnant from a well-placed lightning strike.

O, Almighty God, bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers.
I’m sure you’re mistaken about that, Ahamadinnerjacket. God never directed his followers to pray to a rock and kill infidels.

Noble Americans,
Were we not faced with the activities of the US administration in this part of the world and the negative ramifications of those activities on the daily lives of our peoples, coupled with the many wars and calamities caused by the US administration as well as the tragic consequences of US interference in other countries?
I see the question mark, but is there a question in that mess?

Were the American people not God-fearing, truth loving, and justice seeking, while the US administration actively conceals the truth and impedes any objective portrayal of current realities;
Don’t talk to me about concealing truth and impeding objective portrayal of current events, you taquiya following, uranium enriching, piss poor excuse for a human being.

And if we did not share a common responsibility to promote and protect freedom and human dignity and integrity;
There are liars, and obviously DAMN liars. You have as much respect for human dignity as I have for you, that is to say none at all.

Then, there would have been little urgency to have a dialogue with you.
Writing a letter isn’t a dialogue. You wouldn’t last five minutes in a dialogue, simpleton.

While Divine providence has placed Iran and the United States geographically far apart, we should be cognizant that human values and our common human spirit, which proclaim the dignity and exalted worth of all human beings,
Which is one of the reasons we have been the world’s beat cop for years, whether you like it or not.

have brought our two great nations of Iran and the United States closer together.
You’d have a long way to travel to reach "adequate", Chief. Proclaiming yourself "great" is letting your reach exceed your grasp, and obtaining nukes wouldn’t confer it on you either. The Soviets were miles ahead of you, yet were never more than a second-rate power with a big club.

Both our nations are God-fearing, truth loving and justice seeking, and both seek dignity, respect and perfection.
The United States and America? You can’t mean Iran.

Both greatly value and readily embrace the promotion of human ideals such as compassion, empathy, respect for the rights of human beings, securing justice and equity, and defending the innocent and the weak against oppressors and bullies.
I’m sure that would come as a surprise to the Iraqi war dead from your own recent eight year long conflict with them.

We are all inclined towards the good, and towards extending a helping hand to one another, particularly to those in need.
See above.

We all deplore injustice, the trampling of peoples' rights and the intimidation and humiliation of human beings.
Unless your psychopathic imams declare us to be an infidel and issue a fatwa for our death, or we draw an unflattering depiction of your murderous, pedophile prophet. Then intimidation, and all bad behavior that can follow becomes ok.

We all detest darkness, deceit, lies and distortion, and seek and admire salvation, enlightenment, sincerity and honesty.
If that were true, you’d drop to your knees, beg for God’s forgiveness, and renounce Islam.

The pure human essence of the two great nations of Iran and the United States testify to the veracity of these statements.
No, but our continued existence after your nation is reduced to a radioactive cinder will be a testimony to our greatness.

Noble Americans,
Our nation has always extended its hand of friendship to all other nations of the world.
Except for when you stormed our embassy, and involved yourselves in a protracted war with Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of my Iranian compatriots are living amongst you in friendship and peace,
Yes. I went to law school with one. However, he was also a jew, and didn’t say nice things about your detestable regime.

and are contributing positively to your society. Our people have been in contact with you over the past many years
Are you that so-in-so who keeps calling and hanging up when I answer? Knock it off already.

and have maintained these contacts despite the unnecessary restrictions of US authorities.
You must have confused your government with mine. I’m sure you speak to your operatives from CAIR on a regular basis.

As mentioned, we have common concerns, face similar challenges, and are pained by the sufferings and afflictions in the world.
Uhhh, yeah, riiiiigght, except for the ones you cause or contribute to.

We, like you, are aggrieved by the ever-worsening pain and misery of the Palestinian people.
They can end it. They can quit being murderous asshats bound and determined to kill any jew they can siddle up next to before detonating themselves.

Persistent aggressions by the Zionists are making life more and more difficult for the rightful owners of the land of Palestine. In broad daylight, in front of cameras and before the eyes of the world, they are bombarding innocent defenseless civilians, bulldozing houses, firing machine guns at students in the streets and alleys, and subjecting their families to endless grief.No day goes by without a new crime.
Probably not, but since the Israelis have done a better job isolating these killers, the instances of their children being blown into little bloody bits have been dramatically decreased.

Palestinian mothers, just like Iranian and American mothers, love their children, and are painfully bereaved by the imprisonment, wounding and murder of their children. What mother wouldn't?
Of course, they couldn’t seem to successfully teach them to do something other than walk into crowds of civilians and blow themselves up. You reap what you sow.

For 60 years, the Zionist regime has driven millions of the inhabitants of Palestine out of their homes. Many of these refugees have died in the Diaspora and in refugee camps.
Yeah, the prospect of a horrible death at their hands encourages any thinking person to ostracize them like the animals they are.

Their children have spent their youth in these camps and are aging while still in the hope of returning to homeland.
So they too can blow themselves up and kill civilians.

You know well that the US administration has persistently provided blind and blanket support to the Zionist regime, has emboldened it to continue its crimes, and has prevented the UN Security Council from condemning it.
If that were true, ding-a-ling, we wouldn’t have had to take Sodamn out. The Israelis would have done that after the second SCUD violated their airspace in the first gulf war.

Who can deny such broken promises and grave injustices towards humanity by the US administration?
As opposed to the peace-loving acolytes of Islam.

Governments are there to serve their own people. No people wants to side with or support any oppressors. But regrettably, the US administration disregards even its own public opinion and remains in the forefront of supporting the trampling of the rights of the Palestinian people.
Assuming that the drivel reported as news in our media represents the average American’s opinion would be a mistake. Most of us are simply not that stupid.

Let's take a look at Iraq . Since the commencement of the US military presence in Iraq , hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, maimed or displaced.
Many by their own people, or adventurers from other Islamic nations.

Terrorism in Iraq has grown exponentially. With the presence of the US military in Iraq , nothing has been done to rebuild the ruins, to restore the infrastructure or to alleviate poverty.
I call "Bullshit". We have people working on infrastructure, but other ‘persons’ in Iraq seem to be determined to destroy everything that our people have been building, as quickly as these things are built.

The US Government used the pretext of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , but later it became clear that that was just a lie and a deception.
Yeah, all those poison gas shells were just figments of our imaginations. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

Although Saddam was overthrown and people are happy about his departure, the pain and suffering of the Iraqi people has persisted and has even been aggravated.
So quit sending your people to f*** things up there, already.

In Iraq , about one hundred and fifty thousand American soldiers, separated from their families and loved ones, are operating under the command of the current US administration.
You mean those volunteers who believe in what they are doing?

A substantial number of them have been killed or wounded and their presence in Iraq has tarnished the image of the American people and government.
Sorry, I live in a military community. The only ‘tarnish’ here is only the aging hippies who keep trying to equate this to Vietnam.

Their mothers and relatives have, on numerous occasions, displayed their discontent with the presence of their sons and daughters in a land thousands of miles away from US shores.
Cindy Shehan is not a good representative sample. She disgraces her son and disrespects his choices every time she shoots her mouth off.

American soldiers often wonder why they have been sent to Iraq.
None that I’ve spoken with.

I consider it extremely unlikely that you, the American people, consent to the billions of dollars of annual expenditure from your treasury for this military misadventure.
If it means that you are confined to your sandy, hellish little corner of the planet, rather than spreading violence and mayhem here in mine, I consider it to be money well spent, peabrain.

Noble Americans,
You have heard that the US administration is kidnapping its presumed opponents from across the globe and arbitrarily holding them without trial or any international supervision in horrendous prisons that it has established in various parts of the world. God knows who these detainees actually are, and what terrible fate awaits them.
OOOOOO. Panties on their heads. Diets that allow them to gain weight. The opportunity to practice your insult of a religion unmolested. Air conditioning. Pu-leaze. I faced worse in Hell Week when rushing my college fraternity.

You have certainly heard the sad stories of the Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib prisons.
Yeah, it s sad they get to continue robbing oxygen on my dollar, rather than being executed on the field of battle where they were captured.

The US administration attempts to justify them through its proclaimed "war on terror."
You haven’t been paying attention, junior. We’re Uncle. We don’t have to justify ourselves to 'the world'.

But every one knows that such behavior, in fact, offends global public opinion, exacerbates resentment and thereby spreads terrorism, and tarnishes the US image and its credibility among nations.
You mean like the countries that had vested financial interest in Sodamn’s regime, like much of Europe, or those that benefitted from bribes and kickbacks in the Oil for Food scam?

The US administration's illegal and immoral behavior is not even confined to outside its borders. You are witnessing daily that under the pretext of "the war on terror," civil liberties in the United States are being increasingly curtailed. Even the privacy of individuals is fast losing its meaning.
A debate is under way. However, your country’s record on civil liberties and privacy strip you of any qualification to comment on what occurs here, and the fact that you are squealing like a pig about it indicates to me that some of these measures are frustrating your clandestine activities here.

Judicial due process and fundamental rights are trampled upon. Private phones are tapped, suspects are arbitrarily arrested, sometimes beaten in the streets, or even shot to death.
I challenge you to name ten such occurrences.

I have no doubt that the American people do not approve of this behavior and indeed deplore it.
Which is why we have an annoying tendency to second-guess and question those we charge with enforcement of our nation’s laws. Something that would undoubtedly get us in a wealth of trouble in your nation. The very fact that such idiocy is spoken aloud in this country with no consequence other than ridicule is evidence of the superiority our laws and way of life.

The US administration does not accept accountability before any organization, institution or council.
No, it answers to the electorate, which is as it should be. Our government is chosen by and is responsible to us, and unlike your subjects, we the people can change our government if we do not like it.

The US administration has undermined the credibility of international organizations, particularly the United Nations and its Security Council.
No, the Useless Nitwits undermine their own credibility by choosing criminals such as Kofi Annan to head the organization and allow habitual abusers of human rights who do not even pretend to give lip service to the concept of human rights to sit on committees examining such things. Countries like China and Syria.

But, I do not intend to address all the challenges and calamities in this message.
Because it would buckle and collapse under the sheer weight of the hypocritical falderall you have insisted on filling it with.

The legitimacy, power and influence of a government do not emanate from its arsenals of tanks, fighter aircrafts, missiles or nuclear weapons. Legitimacy and influence reside in sound logic, quest for justice and compassion and empathy for all humanity.
But these things, coupled with free and fair elections, a concept completely foreign to your government, do confer legitimacy.

The global position of the United States is in all probability weakened because the administration has continued to resort to force, to conceal the truth, and to mislead the American people about its policies and practices.
No matter how much you insist on deflecting attention from the very real question "what does and oil-rich country, which has threatened a neighboring country with extinction, need a nuclear ‘energy’ program for anyway?", we will keep asking. To do otherwise would be a simple surrender of civilization and all it implies.

Undoubtedly, the American people are not satisfied with this behavior and they showed their discontent in the recent elections. I hope that in the wake of the mid-term elections, the administration of President Bush will have heard and will heed the message of the American people.
The elections went the way they did because the party in power refused to act like it, and so the people who put them there decided to vote with a perpetually disgruntled group within our nation. Two years won’t be enough time for the Dhimicrats to completely abdicate our nation from the halls of reason and responsibility, and it will allow conservatives to find and support candidates who have clues and balls, and will act accordingly.

My questions are the following:Is there not a better approach to governance?
I believe that is the message I have been suggesting to you.

Is it not possible to put wealth and power in the service of peace, stability, prosperity and the happiness of all peoples through a commitment to justice and respect for the rights of all nations, instead of aggression and war?
Which you will undoubtedly commit yourself to after your exterminate those evil jews and we infidels here in the western world who remain steadfastly unconvinced by your feeble attempts at persuasion. After all, we have seen the outpouring of compassion and aid in the middle east’s response to the tsunamis in Indonesia and earthquakes in Pakistan. No, wait, that was us. You all were too busy whiling away on your nuclear ‘energy’ program to give and significant aid and comfort to your Muslim bretheren, so WE had to do it. You really make this too damn easy.

We all condemn terrorism, because its victims are the innocent.
Unless of course, they are Israelis, or Americans kidnapped in Iraq. Then our vocal support or deafening silence are both apparent to anyone paying attention.

But, can terrorism be contained and eradicated through war, destruction and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents?
Eradicated? No. Stupidity is the world’s greatest renewable resource. Contained? Yes. Proof? How many attacks have taken place on American soil after we decided to take the fight to the terrorists?

If that were possible, then why has the problem not been resolved?
See above.

The sad experience of invading Iraq is before us all.
Sad that we still have not let our troops take the gloves off and completely flatten regions such as the Sunni triangle, making life there so awful that going back to nations such as your particular hell hole more appealing than fighting us in Iraq.

What has blind support for the Zionists by the US administration brought for the American people?
It isn’t BLIND support, as I said before, but if it got us no more than your persistent temper tantrum which shows the world your unfitness to be a world leader, it would be enough.

It is regrettable that for the US administration, the interests of these occupiers supersedes the interests of the American people and of the other nations of the world.

Nations such as yourself, who continually pledge to eradicate Israel. Your hypocrisy is astounding. Anyone else in your position would have choked to death on the irony by now.

What have the Zionists done for the American people that the US administration considers itself obliged to blindly support these infamous aggressors? Is it not because they have imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural and media sectors?
You really need to get out more. I think you actually believe what you are saying.

I recommend that in a demonstration of respect for the American people and for humanity, the right of Palestinians to live in their own homeland should be recognized so that millions of Palestinian refugees can return to their homes and the future of all of Palestine and its form of government be determined in a referendum. This will benefit everyone.
Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. When the Israelis gave back Gaza, they left behind infrastructure that could have been used to provide necessities and niceties for the Palestinians who succeeded them. These noble people proceeded to destroy and demolish everything abandoned to them and still cry out for Jewish blood. If they want to act like savages, they need to expect to be treated like savages.

Now that Iraq has a Constitution and an independent Assembly and Government, would it not be more beneficial to bring the US officers and soldiers home, and to spend the astronomical US military expenditures in Iraq for the welfare and prosperity of the American people?
As soon as we know that the government elected by the Iraqi people is strong enough to resist the influences and actions of foreign governments such as yours which have a vested interest causing the failure of their chance at true democracy and a way to radically change all middle eastern politics for the better.

As you know very well, many victims of Katrina continue to suffer, and countless Americans continue to live in poverty and homelessness.
Katrina: the focal point for divisive, race-baiting politics which is considered acceptable because the race-baiters are black. Mississippi suffered considerably, and yet there is no whining there. Poverty and homelessness have as much of a root cause in mental illness as in choice and laziness as well as any fundamental unfairnessin our system.

I'd also like to say a word to the winners of the recent elections in the US :
Who will undoubtedly hang on every word, if only to show how nuanced they are.

The United States has had many administrations; some who have left a positive legacy, and others that are neither remembered fondly by the American people nor by other nations.Now that you control an important branch of the US Government, you will also be held to account by the people and by history.
Yeah, history pulls a lot of people out of their beds and says "You idiot. You could have prevented _______!" As for being accountable to the people, that has always been true. They’re called ELECTIONS.

If the US Government meets the current domestic and external challenges with an approach based on truth and Justice, it can remedy some of the past afflictions and alleviate some of the global resentment and hatred of America .
Which is your nuanced way of saying "Retreat within your own borders, and let us set the world aflame with our madness so that when you are finally forced to act out of self-preservation, the cost will be too horrible for you to imagine. Sorry, I’m not buying what you are selling.
But if the approach remains the same, it would not be unexpected that the American people would similarly reject the new electoral winners, althoughthe recent elections, rather than reflecting a victory, in reality point to the failure of the current administration's policies.
Gee, how observant of you. Unfortunately, we are not talking about the same failed policies.

These issues had been extensively dealt with in my letter to President Bush earlier this year.
Are you talking about the one that he gave all the attention that it deserved?

To sum up:It is possible to govern based on an approach that is distinctly different from one of coercion, force and injustice.It is possible to sincerely serve and promote common human values, and honesty and compassion.It is possible to provide welfare and prosperity without tension, threats, imposition or war.
Unfortunately, people such as yourself choose to come along and muck everything up, so it will never happen.

It is possible to lead the world towards the aspired perfection by adhering to unity, monotheism, morality and spirituality and drawing upon the teachings of the Divine Prophets.
Only if we, in a moment of weakness that would be truly deserving of the damnation that such an act would visit on us decide to reject God and join you in your delusional belief in the satanic utterances that you call a religion.

Then, the American people, who are God-fearing and followers of Divine religions, will overcome every difficulty.
When we have remembered who we are and acted with the resolve that only our nation has been able to muster in the last two centuries, we have not had any difficulty overcoming difficulties.

What I stated represents some of my anxieties and concerns.
Because you know if you keep acting like a petulant child, we will eventually take you to the woodshed, and give you the spanking you so richly deserve.

I am confident that you, the American people, will play an instrumental role in the establishment of justice and spirituality throughout the world.
As we always have, without your acknowledgment and approval.

The promises of the Almighty and His prophets will certainly be realized; Justice and Truth will prevail and all nations will live a true life in a climate replete with love, compassion and fraternity.
And it will, after Jesus returns, at which time the gravity of your mistakes will become apparent to you. And all your prayers to Allah will not save you from the fate you have chosen.

The US governing establishment, the authorities and the powerful should not choose irreversible paths.
When we have committed to terrible decisions, it has been the result of ill-considered actions of others, who under estimated our resolve and ability when they set in motion event that they were powerless to stop. Pearl Harbor comes to mind.

As all prophets have taught us, injustice and transgression will eventually bring about decline and demise. Today, the path of return to faith and spirituality is open and unimpeded.We should all heed the Divine Word of the Holy Qur'an:" But those who repent, have faith and do good may receive Salvation. Your Lord, alone, creates and chooses as He will, and others have no part in His choice; Glorified is God and Exalted above any partners they ascribe to Him. " (28:67-68)
Get behind thee, Satan. Your "religion" holds no legitimacy for me.
"Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar." (Proverbs 21:5-6)

I pray to the Almighty to bless the Iranian and American nations and indeed all nations of the world with dignity and success.
One out of two ain’t bad.Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur,
Attorney, and Officer of the Court in the great state of Washington.

Mahmoud AhmadinejadPresident of the Islamic Republic of Iran29 November 2006

Now I can only hope one of his spies here leads him to read it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What's Wrong With Leftardian Thinking 101

I caught this gem at the Globe and Mail this evening.

This guy has the time to set up a parallel government and criticize the elected government???

Ok, I'll concede that Mexican politics are almost as funny as Italian politics, and in terms of corruption, it is generally a race to the bottom. However, my first thought was "Why doesn't this guy just get a job?" Think about it. His shadow government will not levy taxes, but it will rely on donations in order to implement its agenda??? Handouts in Mexico for politicians to lazy to get a job? Either that is classic socialism, or his "government's" donations are less than voluntary. In any event, I'm sure that it is the Juan on the street getting screwed. Maybe we should just annex 'em already and be done with it. At least then they will be legal sponges on out social welfare system.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Good Game

You want often hear me say this. Ohio State played a great game. It was exciting to watch. I found it hard not to scream at the TV whenever the ommentators talked about NOTRE DAME being in the running for the National Championship. Listen. I didn't set up the retarded BCS system, but the National Championship should be between the top two teams. They played each other today. If it is worthy of being called the National Championship, then one of the teams should not be the team Michigan dismantled in South Bend earlier this year. Don't like the suggestion? Too Bad. The BCS wasn't my idea, but if you are going to have a National Championship, then let it be legitimate.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Sad Day

I was checking my email at work today and I saw the headline that Bo Schembechler died this morning.

"Stunned" seems woefully inadequate.

A class act and a man who personified the University of Michigan has left our company today. He leaves behind a legacy that may never be equaled, and all Wolverines, everywhere, are diminished slightly by his passing.

No matter which team wins tomorrow, I know he can look down and be proud of his enduring contribution to this contest.

So long, sir. And thanks for the memories.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Game

As a card-carrying Wolverine (B.A., 1994), there are two football games I look forward to in the fall. U of M vs. MSU and U of M vs. OSU. Now I know that MSU was not a contender this year, and if you're not from Michigan, you probably don't understand. It is imperative to keep the Spartans in their place. There is nothing worse than a trash-talking Spartan. I have always maintained that even if Michigan loses a game against any other opponent, it is a good day as long as MSU loses. I don't have many bad Saturdays.

But this weekend is different. OSU always comes to play. This year, both teams are unbeaten.
This year, the game will really mean something. This is a storied rivalry. There are the jokes:

"What did the OSU grad say to the Michigan Grad? Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?"

"How do you get to OSU? Drive south 'till you smell it, and east until you step in it."

"Where can you apply if MSU rejects you? OSU."

But all joking aside, each team expects the other to bring everything they've got to the table for this game, and win or lose, it usually is a good game, and unlike some other overated conferences, they play REAL football in the Big Ten. None of the pass the ball sissyness of the PAC 10 or the lithe and speedy runners of the Southeastern Conferences. Passing is ok, but RUN THE BALL. AGAINST GUYS WHO WANT TO CRUSH YOU. That's the Big Ten way.


More Congressional Asshattery

Picked up on this little gem over at the Rott (hattip to LC Theresa)

I used to live in the People's Republic of Michigan, before I moved to the Traffic Republic of Western Washington. Like many people who grew up there, I drank the kool-aid and used to believe that Democrats were all that and a bag of chips. Even then, I knew Conyers was a wingnut. That's "wingnut" as in clue-challenged sockpuppet of his islamic constituency, not "wingnut" as it was applied to me many years ago when I was a "Lawn Design and Maintenance Engineer" (mowhead). I got the title for being fairly good at taking apart hearvy machinery, performing routine maintenance, and putting it all back together without all those annoying left over pieces that seem to cause so much trouble.

Where is the outrage? Official recognition of a "religion" by Congress? (That's if you can consider death-embracing, woman-hating, rock worship a "religion"). If it were a recognition of Christianity's strong influence on the formation, and intital law and culture in our country, the leftards would be howling for blood from every perch they could find.

I'm not in Michigan anymore. Could somebody who is please give him a call, and ask him to remove his head from his buttocks? If that doesn't work, you could always gently remind him what the fwench (a people not lately known for their backbone-just ask any former car owner there) did to collaberators. I know there are plenty of blue collar people in the state still who would be unlikey to be gentle if bad things happen, and I have a feeling they will.

Being a tool has its consequences, Mr. Conyers. Push hard enough, and the apathy of your consituency may not save you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fun Days.

I had some fun this week. Depositions yesterday went very well, and I was able to tell opposing counsel that she did not file her dilatory motion to strike in a timely fashion, and instead missed it by nearly 14 days. The No. One Son had a birthday party yesterday. Rainforest Cafe got $210.00 of my money for that, but it is only once a year, and he had a great time. Best of all, he spent the night at grandpa and grandma's house last night. Heir No. Two was asleep by 10. I was asleep by 10:30.
18 inches of rain and counting this week. A little screwed up, but we live on high ground. Now if I could just catch a few Senators games this year...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So Far, So Good.

So far, so good with the new phone. Some pretty cool features, and a picture of the gorgeous Mrs. Blackiswhite when I flip the phone open. Excellent ring tone. I'm liking it a whole lot.

Laptop is wigging out, though. Time to put the guys at Dell customer care to work.

You thought that I was going to say something about the election?

Ok. *spit*.

There, are you happy?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Phone

Got a new phone today. The old LG gave up. It wouldn't stay on during a call, and the headphone jack fritzed out. Mrs. BiW's discount for being a corporate employee is nice. New Razer with case, home and car jack, and headphone, $54.47 with tax.

I'll let you know how it works out.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

An Evening Out

What's scarier than a bunch of attorneys out for the evening? A bunch of TAX attorneys out for an evening!

Seriously, it was fun. JW is 40 now. After the third time I called him 'Gramps', he got ticked and said "You're not that much younger than me, and you're the second oldest at this table."

Good food (Fire Pasta) and some nachos, and a glass of alcholic raspberry cider. Yum.
If you're ever in Tacoma, E-9 has good food and drink.

It is too bad that we can't all form our own firm. Of course, we'd never get any work done.

Random Stuff

It has been a long busy week. Mrs. BiW and I are very tired. Late nights do that. Now that she is home this month, I am going to a friend's birthday gettogether tonight. Now if I could just not feel so guilty about that, I might enjoy myself.

On a brighter note, recent events may have given me a better insight than I thought. I was chatting with an aquaintance last night, and had an opporunity to share some of the things that have helped my marriage take a different direction for the better recently. Tey're dealing with some commonalities and some differences that presents some additional challenges. I hope it works out. I'm tired of the "walk away marriages" that our society promotes. It is one of the reasons I don't do divorces any more in my practice.

AJ, I know you're probably bummed about the Tigers. I'm sorry, man, but it's the Tigers. You've been around long enough to know that the only other MLB team so deeply invested in fan misery are the Cubs. It's hockey season now.

I have to go do my reading for our marriage class. It feels different looking forward to homework. I might log on later if I have something to say, and I get the chance. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Unsettling Thoughts

For anyone who hasn't paid attention lately, there was a very contentious thread over at the Rott this week on the subject of embryonic stem cells and their use in research for a host of conditions. Feelings were, of course, strong on the subject, ranging from moral and religious objections to scientific opinions to the contrary.

I have to confess very strong misgivings on the subject based on unsettled questions in myself about the nature of life and when cells become "human". However, I think my biggest objection relates to the law of unintended consequences. What will happen if we really start to play with the building blocks of human life? I realize that many scientists will confidently proclaim "If we do X, than Y will occur."
That's nice. Forgive me if I do not share your confidence. Living material introduces an element of unpredictability that isn't present in simple mechanical creations. Nature is a funny thing. Even if you don't believe in design, I think a careful examination of the human body would lead you to the conclusion that things work the way they do for a reason. I have no reason to believe that the myriad of afflictions that affect humanty are any different.
What's that you say? Do I mean that people are supposed to die of cancer, diabetes, birth defects, and on and on?

Maybe. This is a concept I struggle with as the grandson of a man with Parkinson's, and having a father who died last year from a host of complications with diabetes. My Dad was the one to put it best: "Everyone has to die of something."

Dad was a science teacher. Science was the lens through which he viewed life. He really had no patience with religious or philosophical ideas such as the one I frequently find myself kicking around. Yet he came to the conclusion long ago that "nature" had a way of finding balance, and that if we didn't do something to control our numbers, and instead continue to push into places that we haven't been before, we will encounter emerging diseases. He also marveled at people's amazement at increases in deaths from cancer and things like that. He always thought that since people were living longer, and diseases that used to kill were now curable, it wasn't exactly a mystery why other diseases became more prevalent.

It is something that I occasionally consider. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I don't consider myself to be an ignoramus, either. Being the son of a science teacher, I got good grades in science in high school and college, won medals at our region's Science Olympiad every year, and still occasionally read a science book. (Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", Casti's "Paradigm's Lost", Hawking's "A Brief History of Time", Kakio's "Hyperspace", to name a few.)

Where am I going with this? Perhaps I only want to answer the question "What are you thinking, questioning the big brains like you are?"

I'm glad you asked, and if you didn't, too bad. It's my blog, so I get talk about whatever I want to.
1. Things have a way of turning out very differently than expected.

There are many examples that I can think of. The maiden voyage of the Titanic. Television. The lab workers working with those harmless monkeys in Marburg, Germany. Starlink corn. The list goes on. Sometimes the variations are a disappointment, sometimes they are catestrophic.

2. Our abilites have come farther than our restraint.

We can do things with genetic material now that would have been beyond consideration twenty years ago. Now if someone can dream it up, you can bet someone else is already working on it. Computers can catalog, retrieve, and manipulate data at unheard of rates. The idea of a man-manipulated 'super bug' is commonplace. But genetic material does not always react in ways that scientific observation might lead one to conclude. Mutations to viruses and bacteria occur daily. Cancer is an abberation; it occurs when cells do not grow in the way that they 'should'.

And now, as a society, we sit with a modern-day Pandora's Box on our lap. We know that hope resides in the box, but we have no idea who her companions might be. The Devil sits on our left shoulder saying "They are not really people." or "They never consistuted viable humans anyway." The Angel sits on our right shoulder, whispering "Power over what life will and won't be is God's business, not yours." It is hard to hear the whispering for all the other noise around us. Finally, the few like me wonder if the ability to do something gives us the right to do something. We ask if we are wise enough as a species to deal with the effects the advance might spawn, and more importantly, if we are smart enough to confront the challanges we might set upon ourselves with out tinkering.

For myself, I don't trust us to deal well with what we find.

Turn Down the Music, Before Someone Calls the Cops!

Two more blog-friends stopped by this week, Big Dick and His Wonderful Consort, Kelly.
It is starting to get downright crowded around here.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Welcome to the (very) select cadre of readers who stop by to peruse my incoherent ramblings from time to time, Lady Heather of Suburbia. I'll link your fun blog just as soon as I re-teach myself how to do it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Something That's Been Nagging Me...

The Dread Emperor Misha's recent vitriol-laced attacks on the the sell-outs in the Republican party and the W himself over their recent and puzzling abandonment of conservative positions on such subjects as immigration, etc, have made me uncomfortable.

Let me clarify this statement. I am not uncomfortable because I am a dyed-in-wool Republican. I do not walk lock-step with the Party on anything, and at least, thus far, I still like the Repubs better than the alternative.

The thing that has been bugging me came clear last night in church.

"Submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to the governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and commend those who do right. For it is God's will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. Show proper respect to everone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king."

1 Peter 2:13-17

I'll never tell the Dread Emperor how to be. I love venom-laced invective as much as the next guy. Especially when it is well-deserved. But, I realize now that these guys need our respect and prayers when they screw up while running things.

Always a change to make. I'm resigning myself to being a work in progress.

Fwench Backbone in Action

I got to my homepage this morning and was greeted with this headline. :

Am I the only one who finds it curious that the press here in America hasn't said too much about this?

But the 14kt Gold question is "Why haven't the Fwench started en masse deportations or jailings?"

I am starting to fear for western civilization. We are sooo afraid to offend that we won't object to the knife in our chest.

Monday, October 16, 2006


I just read a post over at the Rott on Condi's remarks to a Palestinian group likening their 'struggle' to the American Civil Rights Movement, and these 'freedom fighters to our founding fathers.

Somehow, "offensive" just doesn't get it done.

I am consistently amazed by the left's constant hypocracy, but to hear this mindless drivel escaping the lips of a so-called conservative? I am really starting to believe that there are no more choices in politics. Both parties are racing to the bottom. How many ways can they offend us, let us count.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Life Audit

For the three of you who read this, and actually care what it says, sorry I have been gone so long. I was having a "life audit". I didn't much care for the result. It is funny the lengths that God will go to to get your attention when you let important things he has put in your life get neglected. If you're reading, God, you got my attention, but then you already knew that.

What does this mean for me?
1. I have a lot of work to do to restore the most precious gift God has ever given to me in my life, but it can be done, and I have divinely inspired help.

2. My job is OK, but I have to take steps to make the practice my own, or go to a large firm where I can concentrate on just the type of work that I want to do.

3. I pay a whole lot less attention to how screwed up the world is. I was spending more time on that, than thinking about God, and being secure in the knowledge that I am a tourist here. Things are screwed up because the world isn't for me as a Christian.

4. Spending real time with Mrs. Blackiswhite, without the heirs, because marriage is important, and I haven't been treating it or her with proper care.

5. Coming to terms with my emotions. This is the hardest thing of all. With help, I have realized that I have been "stuffing" my emotions for as long as I can remember, which has lead to increasing toxicity and pressure until something that shouldn't makes me go ballistic. SCARY BALLISTIC. This requires a.) recognizing my emotions-a task in itself; b.) confronting, not stuffing them; and c.) communicating my feelings to my wife. [How does that make you feel? is a question that I have had to deal with a lot in the last month and a half.]

6. Knee-mail, and done daily. Maybe you find the concept of spiritual warfare laughable. I don't. Believers have to contend with someone who comes to decieve, to divide, to distract, to dsicourage, and to destroy. I looked at all the things going on in my life, and I realized that this is exactly what was going on. The first step to fixing it is to get right with God. Read the Bible, pray daily and be vigilant. There are things in your life that can discourage you, to make you doubt where things are going, to take your eyes off of the path that God has set forth. There will always be issues with the kids, with work, and times where you don't get enough time with each other. Financial issues are an easy distraction for him to throw in. Staying focused and praying daily will help.

Let me guess: You're thinking I'm crazy. Not true. I just got a direct refresher course in what really is important in life. Now go have a real conversation with your spouse. Play a game of cards already.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Thought on the Middle East Conflict

I have been thinking a lot about the current conflict in the Mid-East lately. I have to admit that I have reservations about Israel chasing the crazies from hisblownwadd into Lebannon, and continuing the pursuit despite the fact that civilians are in the way. At the same time, I admire Israli restraint. Yes, I said restraint.

I said restraint, because the second another terrorist scum attacked my people after I just gave up big chunks of land for peace, there wouln't be a safe place for them to hide.

If Ahmadinnerjacket in Iranistan and Assadd in Syria are pulling the strings, their arab bretheren should rein them in before it gets beyond the point of redemption and the middle east oil supply ends up glowing and of no use to anyone for centuries.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Two Courts Tell Neal and Bob That They Can't Be Husband and Husband.

New York's and Georgia's Supreme Courts told homosexuals today that if they want to have the legal right to marry, then they will have to go through the legislatures to get it. In New York's case, plantiffs were suing to change the law regarding marriage that had been on the books since the early twentieth century. In Georgia, plantiffs were suing to overturn a voter approved initiative banning gay marriage that passed by 76%. It is so refreshing to hear about courts that uphold the law, rather thn make it up out of whole cloth. You listening, Massachusetts?

Reflections on the 4th

Sorry for the light blogging. Life was happening.
We had a nice 4th here. Good food at my in-laws. The kids were reasonably well-behaved. The "show" was as good as ever. Note to self: DO NOT BUY THE 12 INCH MORTARS AGAIN. When we had them two years ago, on malfunctioned and detonated a lot closer to the ground than it was supposed to. This year, two of them barely made it back out of the tube before exploding. That was a little scary. Shrapnel from one of them hit me in the shoulder. Also scary, but no burns and nothing broken. We came home, and while Mrs. Blackiswhite carried in Heir No.2, the yeahoos down the street diliberately turned their mortar over afer droppibg a shell in it. As Mrs. Blackiswhite was in the line of fire, you can imagine that she was not amused. I'm starting to think they should make you pass an IQ test before you can purchase the big stuff. Ha! "I'm afraid I can't sell you any of these fireworks, sir. You see, the test says that you are too stupid to purchase them."

Yeah, right.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Throwing the B(D)S Flag

For those of you (the three or four who come by regularly) who are paying attention, I like to play over at Bareknuckle It attracts some articulate, well-reasoned people on both sides, as well as some truely unbelievable knuckleheads. A few of the BDS suffering oxygen-robbers simply refuse to say die, even when their argument is in tatters around their feet. That is why I was disappointed again yesterday when we had a newbie mouthing off again about how our civil liberties are being taken away in the war on terror, and how we will never get them back. Once again, I stepped up and asked for a real-life example of how they had somehow been affected. No generalizations. No theoreticals. A bona fide, concrete example. Once again, I was greeted with deafening silence. Suddenly, the newbie with so much to say is MIA. Honestly, it mkes me so angry I could spit. This is after a running rhetorical conflict the day before with the lefties, liberals, and loons on the discovery of the 500 chemical warheads in Iraq. (Yes, there really were WMDs in Iraq.)
Immediately, the race was on to move the goal posts. "The CIA didn't think it was a significant find." "The weapons were degraded. Honestly, you could pour the contents over your cereal in the morning and suffer no ill effects." "Mustard gas isn't a WMD." "They were old before the first Gulf war."
They have been asking for years now, "Where were the WMDs?" They get proof, and devote signifcant time and energy to finding ways to discount it, or dismiss it. If it doesn't fit in with their preconceived notions, it cannot be true for them. (But they will willingly take the word of the people we are fighting on 'attrocities' committed by US troops. C'mon, 7 Marines and a Navy Corpsman murdered an unarmed civilian? A corpsman? Get real.) Yet on something far more real to all involved, they cannot answer a simple question. This is why we cannot trust the people screaming the loudest on this subject. They simply have let their BDS get the better of them, if they had any judgment and common sense before.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I just heard that the strongest and best man I have ever known is not doing well. My aunt called to let me know that they are going to put my paternal grandfather in a nursing home.He recently had a ninety percent blockage of his carotid artery cleared, and I was told that he was acting more like himself than he had in a few years. The family moved he and my grandmother up from Florida, because they really couldn't take care of themselves any longer. I had gotten used to the idea that Grandpa "was back". It was welcome news. For the last four years, it seemed like he had just given up. I remember how angry he was when his father did the same thing in the years before his death. I felt much the same way. Dad's death last year also hit him hard. I don't think there is an appropriate word for the impact. "Grief" is laughingly inadequate. Today, I was told that since the move back to Michigan, he has been vacilating between hysterical and morose. He has been telling people that he wants to die, that the family has been beating him, etc. I have no doubt that he will walk with the Lord, perhaps soon, and I'm am grateful for that, but I will miss him just the same, especially since my Dad can't be for my boys what he was for me.

This morning, I saw something on my drive to work that would set my other grandfather spinning in his grave. Grandpa Ray was a WWII vet. He fought in the Pacific. He had friends at Bataan. He professed to be a Christian, but he NEVER forgave the Japanese. On my drive in to work this morning, I came upon a Toyota Prius with an American flag sticker on one side of the hatch, and a blue star banner sticker on the other side. I could almost hear his voice in my head, and it was far less than charitable.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter Attacks the Left's 'Grief Shield' Strategy

Hillary Clinton is upset with Ann Coulter's new book. No surprise there. Specifically, she is outraged at Coulter's attack on the "Jersey Girls" (9/11 widows) and their political activities and statements. Saying that she'd never seen women enjoying their husband's death's so much was not tactful. However controversial the form of the message, the message itself was spot on. These widows all became very wealthy, due in no small part to the generousity of the American people. Families of other terrorist attacks did not reap such financial benefits. Then, while they had our attention, they lashed out at our president and foreign policy. They made baseless accusations, and outrageous statements. They shilled for Kerry. The left ate it up with a spoon, because their 'grief shield' made them unassailable. They got bolder with Cindy Shehan. Before I go further, I want to be very clear:

I respect the fact that these women have lost loved ones, and no amount of money will ever replace their loss.

However, that does not excuse them from braying outlandish, silly, or untrue things into the nearest open microphone. We watch because it is sad, and we share their grief, NOT because we think that their loss has made them an authority on politics, or policy. Abusing the public pulpit should curtail the 15 minutes of fame, not get you more. They got to continue, because anyone who attcked their message would be branded heartless and insensitive. No longer. If this kind of truth-telling continues, and the practice takes hold, then it soon may not matter which repulsive foreign leader Cindy Shehan chums around with, because no one will be paying attention. Thank you, Ann, for redirecting the attention to the message, not the messenger. Let's do it more often.

It Is A Start

And in today's news, al-Zarqaui managed to get himself in the crosshairs of one of our airstrikes. I'm having trouble seeing the downside in this. The part that made it even better? Iraqis sold him out to us! I take that as a sign that they are serious about running their own country and dealing appropriately with elements that would encourage sectarian violence for the sake of causing trouble. I hope the trend continues.

Friday, June 02, 2006

More Big Thoughts From C.S. Lewis

If you haven't figured it out yet, this site is a branch office of the Department of Unapologetic Christianity. I know, you're thinking "But Blackiswhite, if something sets you off, you can curse a streak that can make a sailor blush." You're right. I can. The product of a childhood in a shop town, and a part that emerges from time to time. "But Blackiswhite, you can conjure mental images that no self-respecting follower of Christ has any business thinking." I'll admit it. In the immortal words of St. Garibaldi [Think Babylon 5, for those of you who don't understand the reference. If that doesn't help, all I can say is watch the series. Yes, it's that good.] "I can dream real dark." If you don't understand what the world is capable of, then you are helpless in the face of its onslaught.

As a clerk in the abovementioned department, I keep trying to better understand Christianity and God. The Bible is a great place to start. There are even versions that explain the actions of the people in it, the customs referred to, and some of the knottier passages. I have also found the writings of C.S. Lewis helpful in expanding my understanding of Christianity. I have not yet read them all. I am on my second tome at this time, The Problem of Pain. I have to work mentally to read him and get the whole thrust of his writings. This means I read him very slowly. Maybe only a chapter a week. I would like to share some of the more pointed passages with any who stop here to read, and since it is my blog, I can.

This week, I'll start with this exerpt from the chapter "Divine Goodness".

"But creatures are not thus separate from their Creator, nor can He misunderstand them. The place for which He designs them in His scheme of things is the place they are made for. When they reach it, their nature is fullfilled and their happiness attained: a broken bone in the universe is set, the anguish is over. When we want to be something other than what God wants us to be, we must be wanting what, in fact, will not make us happy. Those Devine demands which sound to our natural ears most like those of a lover, in fact marshall us where we should want to go if we knew what we wanted."
The thrust of this as I understand it is that God knows each of us as a Creator. As this is the case, He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, and our purpose in the larger scheme of things. If we follow the rules He set forth, we can come to know Him, and as we change to meet Him on the terms He intended, and find our purpose, we will then find happiness.
It seems to me that this can be applied to our society. So many reject the 'moral' component of our law, which is rooted in Judeo-Christian belief, on the opinion that God doesn't understand them, which runs contrary to the thought of a Creator. Just look at the gay rights movement. This is a group not satisfied to be let alone. No. They always want more. It isn't enough that in most parts of the country, people were satisified to leave people to their own devices about what went on behind their bedroom doors. I think most reasonable people would agree that if homosexuals wanted to keep their sexual orientation private, to the extent that such a thing is possible, the rest of us were willing to let them keep things that way. But this group, festering in its unhappiness, had to 'come out of the closet'. Remember "We're here, we're queer, get used to it."? Still not satisfied. Society now had to confer an official status on their relationships. Civil Unions burst onto the scene.
As a Christian, I find the practice abborhant. If you are a Christian, then you accept the Bible and its teachings. Leviticus is clear: Homosexuality is against the word of God. A church willing to act as if it was never written cannot keep communion with God and Christ. There is no way to explain it away. I hear you grumbling, "So you don't you put them to death, as Leviticus requires? Easy. The same reason I do not stone prostitutes and adulterers. Because Christ put an end to it.
As a lawyer, I can understand that two people who have committed to each other should have some of the same rights as men and women who have committed to each other in the sacrement of marriage. However, I am also aware that careful planning and the execution of the correct legal documents ahead of time can address all or nearly all of these purported 'needs' without requiring the sanction of a society that does not follow or approve of the practice. [And for those of you seeking proof, look no further than Defense of Marriage Laws, and Initiatives around the country.] Yet this still wasn't enough. They demanded the RIGHT to marry. Now, this is an interesting turn of events. Black Law Dictionary defines marriage as between a man and a woman. It has been understood as such for centuries. In my business, that is called "precedent", and it will win trials in normal circumstances. Not so here. For over a decade, the pink swastika brigade, driven by a need for acceptance, forced if not willingly given, has portrayed anyone believing that that their lifestyle is wrong and is a sin as intolerant and bigoted, and was willing to practice intolerance in any degree to oppose opinions contrary to their own. The powers that shaped opinion by contolling what we see and hear were only too willing to play along. In confusion, there is opportunity. By brandishing their tolerance for all to see, and bludgeoning all who believed such practices to be wrong, they succeeded in planting the germ in the collective mind of society. The result was that when a legal challenge to the traditional definition of marriage got to a court, the court was willing to find in favor of a constitutional right to marry based on a lifestyle preference rather than circumstances beyond the control of the participants, ignoring that vital component in the federal cases it cited to justify their 'tolerant' and 'enlightened' decision. The short-sightedness of this court will take us further down this road, and the behaviors that we as a society will be forced to condone are at least for the present, shocking and inconceivable. But remember, twenty years ago, the same thing would have been said for the current set of circumstances. This too was addressed by Mr. Lewis, in the subsequent chapter, "Human Wickedness."
He discussed how the original power of Christianity was the fact that it brought good news to man, at a time when there was a belief in Divine anger, and the consequences of it. There was a way to get right with God. He then noted that:
"But all this has changed. Christianity now has to preach the diagnosis-in itself very bad news-before it can win a hearing for the cure."
He pinpointed two sources for this change in perception. The first is a century's worth of focus on "kindness" as the sole virtue that a member of society should cultivate. The failing of this particular focus is that cultivating kindness for kindness' sake alone require no effort on the part of the person. Because this is so, all can believe themselves possessed of the virtue without ever understanding the practice or the reason for it.
The second he called "the effect of Psychoanlysis on the public mind, and, in particular, the doctrine of repressions and inhibitions."
The best explanation, and the one that is evident in society today?
"Whatever these doctrines really mean, the impression they have actually left on most people is that the sense of Shame is a dangerous and mischevious thing. We have laoboured to ovecome that sense of shrinking, that desire to conceal, which Nature herself or the tradition of almost all mankind has attached to cowardice, unchastity, falsehold, and envy. We are told to 'get things out into the open', not for the sake of self-humiliation, but on the grounds that these 'things' are very natural and we need not be ashamed of them."
I wonder if he knew how prophetic his words would be. Babies out of wedlock. Gay marriage. Infidelity. Teenage pregnancy. Teenage drinking. Persistant drug use. Pornagraphy on prime time television. Daytime television talk shows.
His answer?
"A recovery of the old sense of sin is essential to Christianity."
You mull it over and get back to me.

Connecticut Coaches Have To Have Sportsmanship Mandated

This story about Connecticut coaches who are no longer allowed to let their teams ride roughshod over their competitors. I don't know which is worse; the fact that there is obviously such a disparity in ability among teams that play each other, or the fact that some coaches need to be threatened with suspension to make them not be complete and utter assholes. Why is it that someone who is charged with not just teaching the fundamentals of the game, and directing how it is played, but also in the correct spirit of the competition to begin with, needs to be told that running the score past the point of any recovery is simply overkill?

More Flushing of Taxpayer Dollars

I came across this story earlier this week. I can say that it sufficiently rankled me. I am in awe at the ways people can come up with ways to flush our tax dollars down the toilet. It is prison. If he wants to be a she, I'm sure (s)he can find people who will gladly use him in that fashion. We're concerned that he might try to commit suicide if he doesn't get the sex change? Uhh, prison? I don't know of anyone who wants to be there. There are probably inmate who do consider suicide. After all, it is PRISON! If he wants to be she, I'm not going to say "More power to him." I will say that he has the opportunity to make that choice, as a free citizen. As a prisoner, he doesn't have a choice, and he shouldn't. Prison is a place to put people who couldn't make good choices on their own. It isn't a place where you can go to change your outward appearance on the taxpayer's nickel. There are two common sense ways to handle this. The first is to sit down with the guy, and explain very calmly that as long as he is in the state's custody, he will not get a sex-change, but if he chooses wisely, he might get to be another inmate's woman while he is in there. The second is to explain nothing, toss him in with the general population, and let him figure it out on his own. I do think a prisoner should have the right to be kept safe while enjoying the state's hospitality, including the right not to be raped or knifed by other inmates. I do think that this does not occur in many prisons, largely due to overcrowding and understaffing. But I also think that a prisoner has to bear some of their responsibility for their own safety. A suicide watch is a tremendous waste of time and resources.

The story is here:

Friday, May 26, 2006

And Speaking of Priorities

I was also taken aback by the news story about the child-molesting short person who now has ten years of probation as a sentence, rather than ten years of grabbing his ankles in a prison cell. When did the safety of convicted criminals, who commit the crimes that nearly all other criminals despise, become a greater priority than sentencing in accordance with the law??? I must have missed the day in school when we talked about the safety of convicts being a greater priority the prevention of further offenses by the criminal by putting them behind bars. If his safety truly is a priority, couldn't we still balance that concern appropriately with the concern for the safety of his victims? Probation means "be careful and don't be caught." I guess the bright spot is that this is taking place in Nebraska. The guy is probably less safe on the street than in the pokey. Children are almost always the one topic where even the most law-abiding among us favor prevention of harm or further harm over the rights of someone who would deliberately hurt them or steal their innocence. The story is here:,2933,197103,00.html

Misha also delivered his three-step approach to the issue over at the Rott. I think he has a point, but professional obligations prevent me from echoing the criticism here.

What are you waiting for? Go on, read it already.

With Priorities Like These...

Read on MSN today about scientists who have had some success in rabbits with artificial penises. How would you like to write that research grant proposal? I have to admit, it got my attention, in that weird "I-can't-turn-away-from-the-train-wreck-in-front-of-me" way. The implication is that if they can develop a procedure that works, they may also be able to develop similar methods for other organs. New hearts for cardiac patients, new pancreas for diabetes patents, etc. Sure, it is an intriguing possibility, but who decided that penises were a priority? Why is success with rabbits progress? Because it is another thing to keep you distracted from the things that matter, like say illegal immigration, a treacherous media, the threat of muliculturalism, and so on. Guess that makes me gulity for perpetuating interest in the story. So be it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Advance to Take Us Backward

I read a story in the Globe and Mail today about the potential for a real-life invisibility cloak. It certainly seems to be an interesting concept. And somehow the idea just seems to make sense. My problem with it is that if it becomes reality, then there is a tool for yet more things to not be as they appear to be. I often think that as a culture, we are becoming incredibly de-sensitized to everyday deception, which is why you'll really dislike my bigger criticism: Such a thing is lazy.
There is an art to concealment. Stealth requires skill. This type of technology takes those things out of the equation. Most people don't know that there was an entire unit in the European theatre in WWII that was dedicated to camoflage and deception. I didn't know until I recently read a book about them. I lament that such things are now reduced to technology, because people will stop thinking about the kind of understnding that goes into cultivating such skills. Once people stop thinking about enough things, then they just stop thinking. It is the kind of development that makes be recall C.M. Korbluth's book, The Marching Morons. If you haven't read it, the nutshell is this: Several centuries in the future, scientific advances have progressed to the point where society still works, despite the fact that its smarter people have slowed their birth rates down to a trickle, in large part because they are the ones always on the run and propping society up. Why is this necessary? Because the less-intelligent haven't stopped their breeding in higher numbers. Social policies compounded the problem, by offering perverse incentives to these same people to breed. Before you say "conservative propaganda", I will tell you that it was written in the 1950's, and I have found it to be strangely prophetic. A person from a more self-reliant era, through no fault of his own is discovered in a state of suspended animation. When briefed on life in his new century, he asked why the smart people didn't just go away. He was told that they did, and the wholesale death and suffering in a world that couldn't take care of itself was too much to bear. They came back, and spent years cleaning up the mess. The man from the past then came up with the idea to promote travel to the colonies on Mars. There were no colonies on Mars. The "morons" boarded rockets that went into space. They just didn't go anywhere after that. The leader who executed the plan committed suicide, and the humanity got a second chance to be all it could be. Not a happy ending, but neither is to one our leaders are taking us to. Maybe I'm just reading something into it, or MAYBE I'm on to something.

Read the story yourself:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Church of ME: Just Say No.

So Madonna is so desperate for attention that she now crucifies herself on stage. How appropriate. I feel the same way when I listen to her "music". I think we have had to listen to her political "thought", her "criticisms" of Christianity, and her New Age babble long enough. The problem is that she, like so many other modern-day "personalities", thinks that every utterance should be taken as a serious thought. Afterall, she is famous. Therefore she must know what she is talking about, even though her ignorance comes shining through in only seconds of listening to her inane and vacuous remarks. Like so many other celebrities, she simply cannot conceive of the notion that anything of any importance exists outside of her aura. It puts a whole new spin on "cult of personality". I like to call it the church of ME.
Fame has given these people a soapbox, and the unmitigated arrogance to mistake themselves as authorities on issues such as politics, religion, political *spit* correctness, global warming, state-sponsored torture, global warming, etc.
I can almost hear the bleeding-hearts saying "But they have the right to an opinion!"
Yes. They. Do.
Having the spotlight and the microphone wherever you go does not mean that you should step right up and start second-guessing the people who have the knowledge, the expertise, and the duty to do the things you see fit to criticize. The problem with the acolytes of the church of ME is not that they do not act as if discretion is the better part of valor and simply choose to keep their traps shut; it is that they actually believe that their opinion is fact, and that they must share it with the world.
The media gladly plays along, feeding this arrogance by actively recruiting comments from the self-appointed experts. And the result is that we as a nation are not consumed with an honest dialogue about the threats to our nation and institutions. We do not hold our leaders accountable when they look us in the eye and tell us that we cannot possibly know what is good for us. We have to accept homosexual marriage, even if it means totally malignant the spirit of prior rulings on marriage rights to achieve the letter of the law that they desire. We have to accept the fact that our government will do nothing to secure the southern border, and citizenship means so little that we will give it away to those who would flout our laws in coming here. We must allow the leader of a foreign nation that encourages illegal immigration to come to our country and lecture us about our policy, and lobby for a result that would never be tolerated in his own country. We must stand mute when the historically predominant religion in this land is actively chased out of every sector of public life and discourse, but the "religion of pus" is slowly and surely incorporated into our society, taught in public schools, and celebrated in the White House. But hey, it is ok. That spiritual figure onto herself, Madonna is demonstrating creativity and bravado by emulating the sacrifice of one she could never be worthy of. Isn't she courageous because she is challenging Christianity. Wow. What bravery. Attack a religion that does not represent a threat to you. Why don't you kick a Buddhist while you're at it? You want to be brave, lady? Dare to challenge the religion of pus. Draw unflattering charactures of its "prophet". Publicly challenge its support of terrorists. Then we'll talk about your bravery. Until then, I think your fifteen minutes were up an hour ago. Go home. Concentrate on raising your child. Resist dhimmitude.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Fun From the Advance Guard of Evil

I was reading today over at the Rott that the Caliphate Advance Insurection and Reconaissance unit, more commonly known as C.A.I.R. , has attacked Little Green Footballs for (gasp!) saying things about Islam that are negative. Now, keep in mind that this group of America-Haters frequently teams with the ACLU in attacks on American institutions. These happy-go-lucky rock-worshippers are the same group that nearly drove an L.A. radio host off the air a few months ago for making "insensitive" remarks about muslims. Now keep in mind that this attack was substantiated by some VERY CHERRY-PICKED remarks from a poster responding to a story on the death of an American teenager as the result of a suicide bomber in Israel, and the extraordinarily insensitive remars make by a muslim official concerning that murder. CAIR conveniently sidestepped THOSE remarks. As peace-loving muslims, they couldn't be bother to break the unwritten code preventing them from denouncing the provocative and "radical" muslims.

I have had enough. It is time to hold our leaders and the media down and give them a truth enema. Islam is not a religion of peace. Just ask them what the faith demands for those who do not accept Islam. Ask them about their "duty" to decieve and lie to non-muslims. If they are serious about their faith, then they are all "Radical" muslims, but some of them haven't gone on their rampage yet. I can think of no other explaination for the deafening silence that follows in the wake of a horrible deed performed by a muslim "extremist", or the low-key denounciation and hand-wringing that some muslims will perform for a camera.

The talk of a "clash of civilizations" sounds vaugely inspiring, but misses the mark, like any other modern characterization of a problem facing society. You can not have a clash of civilizations when there is only one civilization. Demanding blood for every perceived slight, and chopping people's heads off while chanting is not civilization. If we are really interested in accuracy, we could call it the Suicide of Civilization in the Face of Barbarity. We seem so preoccupied with not offending anyone that we are effectively turning a blind eye to what is going on right in front of us. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. If you would use it to dramatically change the face of law and society, then you are an enemy of this nation and should be treated as such. Period.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sparse Post

I've been a little irritated this week. A law interpreted so that a citizen has to prove that he is innocent, rather than the cop prove he is guilty, the Senators getting tossed by Buffalo, the high school graduation prayer ruling in Kentucky, the "confused Saudi students" boarding the high school bus in Tampa, Ray "the race pimp" Nagin getting re-elected in NOLA. Watching the forces of stupid on the march has left me feeling like I'm trapped in one of those hot summer evenings when I don't even want the light on, because I can feel the heat from that.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Not Today

I spent all day trying a case that should have been dismissed. Aside from the joy of hearing a law enforcement oficer say that it was up to my client to prove that he was covered under the exception to the rule, i.e. my client had to prove his innocence rather than the other way around, I can say that I am not happy with the day. Five hours of the court's time (on my nickel too, since I am a resident of the county. And I get to go back tomorrow, to hear if the jury has reached a decision. Yeah.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

From C.S. Lewis' "The Problem of Pain"

"He can close his spiritual eyes against the Numinous, if he is prepared to part company with half the great poets and prophets of his race, with his own childhood, with the richness and depth of uninhibited experience. He can regard the moral law as an illusion, and so cut himself off from the common ground of humanity. He can refuse to identify the Numinus with the righteous, and remain a barbarian, worshipping sexuality, or the dead, or the lifeforce, or the future. But the cost is heavy."

Indeed it is. No anchor for law. Perverse rulings in courts. The twin plagues of multiculturalism and political correctness, set upon society to rob a nation of its sense of identity and to muzzle reason and truth, respectively. And now, the infected within who cowtow to the acolytes of Islam, and willingly ask forgiveness for every perceived slight to the religion of the murderering, theiving pedophile. To these seventh-century anachronisms who demand blood for percieved slights, and treat non-believers ask chattel, or as obstacles. Truth is anathema. And still the West gives in, deluded into the belief that it is the arrogant society, which must make amends to the aggressor. It is the work of the devil, or of man, unguided by divine inspiration, which is almost as bad. Think about that on this wonderful sunday. Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Now put on that Bhurka, and get back inside, already.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Off Day

I was at a CLE all day long in Seattle today. No time spent on other things. Could discuss Seattle Public Schools' revised definition of racism. Are you aware that it can only be practiced by white people? Go to the Rott. They've already covered it in more detail than I could.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Memes for the Left. Please.

Please, please, someone get the left something new to spew about. The "Bush lied us into war" and "Civil liberties are in danger" memes are too tiresome. Really. The first sidesteps an ugly conclusion rooted in the assumption that their frenzied cry is actually true: that their leaders weren't smart enough to pick up on the alleged deception. I think a few of the people who repeat this nonesense day after day are praying that we don't point that out to them. After all, these are the same leaders who want the American people to believe that they have some brilliant plan to conduct the war or and orderly exit from the war, that is both distinctive and superior to what W is executing at the moment. Just don't ask them what it might be. They haven't figured it out yet. That only leaves them with the answer "Well, uhhh, we aren't poopie-head Republicans."
As for the "Civil Libererties/ Bush is shredding the Constitution" thing, they can't point to a single example that has affected one of them personally. Trust me on this, I have asked them. Many times. Several times a week, the lefties at BKP will trot this one out and toss it back and forth. Ask them for an example of how it has affected them personally, and they all clam up like I'm Dad asking the kids who crashed the car. When you take the time to explain that the government only cares if they are doing things they shouldn't, like talking with suspected or known terrorists, and they cry foul. By cry foul, I mean squeal like stuck pigs. They are so self-centered that they actually believe that they are the focus of an investigation, and that these intercepts are causing them great harm. I've tried to explain that the government doesn't have time to investigate the delusional and the stupid. We are at war after all, and resources can get streched. No matter.
The problem is that no matter how discredited these memes become, we still hear them. Day after day after day after day after get the idea. For a while it was funny. Kind of like a march of the morons (C.M. Kornbluth would probably be horrified to know that he was right.) Now, its more like Dawn of the Dead, only without the flesh eating. The Memes, like zombies, chase after anyone with a functioning brain, i.e. conservatives. Only now, they are decayed and disgusting, their talking points and slogans sticking out everywhere, like bits of flesh peeling away from the rotted core. For the love of God, would someone go to DNC headquarters and suggest something else, anything else, to talk about? Please. At a minimum, tell them that a lie doesn't get transmuted to truth on the billionth telling.