Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Game

As a card-carrying Wolverine (B.A., 1994), there are two football games I look forward to in the fall. U of M vs. MSU and U of M vs. OSU. Now I know that MSU was not a contender this year, and if you're not from Michigan, you probably don't understand. It is imperative to keep the Spartans in their place. There is nothing worse than a trash-talking Spartan. I have always maintained that even if Michigan loses a game against any other opponent, it is a good day as long as MSU loses. I don't have many bad Saturdays.

But this weekend is different. OSU always comes to play. This year, both teams are unbeaten.
This year, the game will really mean something. This is a storied rivalry. There are the jokes:

"What did the OSU grad say to the Michigan Grad? Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?"

"How do you get to OSU? Drive south 'till you smell it, and east until you step in it."

"Where can you apply if MSU rejects you? OSU."

But all joking aside, each team expects the other to bring everything they've got to the table for this game, and win or lose, it usually is a good game, and unlike some other overated conferences, they play REAL football in the Big Ten. None of the pass the ball sissyness of the PAC 10 or the lithe and speedy runners of the Southeastern Conferences. Passing is ok, but RUN THE BALL. AGAINST GUYS WHO WANT TO CRUSH YOU. That's the Big Ten way.