Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wisdom of Solomon It Ain't

Lefties are so cute when they declare themselves knowledgeable about things they do not understand. For example, this article in Newsweek, which purports to show that the Bible does not contain any prohibition of gay marriage, the implication being of course that all of we evil Christofacist thugs are all so stupid that we cannot even interpret our scripture correctly, and once again, it is up to the more refined lefties among us to spend 10 minutes reading the Bible, finding passages that appear to justify their agenda, and hold forth for us rubes to drink deep of their intellectual prowess and wisdom. Kind of like when the Algore tells us "The debate is over" in reference to his lucrative business selling modern-day indulgences for sins against Mother Gaia Global Warming. It wouldn't be quite so frustrating if these idiots didn't have the bully pulpit all to themselves as a way to ensnare the sheeple in their particular brand of bias that I like to think of as "Through a cracked lens, darkly." It reminds me of something one of my unofficial scoutmasters used to say: "The Devil can quote you scripture all day long." How true he was. I can almost hear this particular author reciting this prayer before penning this lovely piece of propaganda:

"Oh dear Lord, whom I do not believe in, please let me find the words that I can interpret the way that I want, so that I can tell those evil Christofacist thugs that their precious book doesn't say what they say it says, and so I can be absolved of any sin or shame for my chapped lips and anal fissures, and my cheating on my partner with that guy from the bar the other night, and go on with the belief that God is love only, and that there is nothing expected of me to hold up my end of the bargain of salvation, which I do not believe in anyway. Amen."

Newsweek has finally dropped to the level of birdcage lining for me.