Friday, May 26, 2006

And Speaking of Priorities

I was also taken aback by the news story about the child-molesting short person who now has ten years of probation as a sentence, rather than ten years of grabbing his ankles in a prison cell. When did the safety of convicted criminals, who commit the crimes that nearly all other criminals despise, become a greater priority than sentencing in accordance with the law??? I must have missed the day in school when we talked about the safety of convicts being a greater priority the prevention of further offenses by the criminal by putting them behind bars. If his safety truly is a priority, couldn't we still balance that concern appropriately with the concern for the safety of his victims? Probation means "be careful and don't be caught." I guess the bright spot is that this is taking place in Nebraska. The guy is probably less safe on the street than in the pokey. Children are almost always the one topic where even the most law-abiding among us favor prevention of harm or further harm over the rights of someone who would deliberately hurt them or steal their innocence. The story is here:,2933,197103,00.html

Misha also delivered his three-step approach to the issue over at the Rott. I think he has a point, but professional obligations prevent me from echoing the criticism here.

What are you waiting for? Go on, read it already.