Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Memes for the Left. Please.

Please, please, someone get the left something new to spew about. The "Bush lied us into war" and "Civil liberties are in danger" memes are too tiresome. Really. The first sidesteps an ugly conclusion rooted in the assumption that their frenzied cry is actually true: that their leaders weren't smart enough to pick up on the alleged deception. I think a few of the people who repeat this nonesense day after day are praying that we don't point that out to them. After all, these are the same leaders who want the American people to believe that they have some brilliant plan to conduct the war or and orderly exit from the war, that is both distinctive and superior to what W is executing at the moment. Just don't ask them what it might be. They haven't figured it out yet. That only leaves them with the answer "Well, uhhh, we aren't poopie-head Republicans."
As for the "Civil Libererties/ Bush is shredding the Constitution" thing, they can't point to a single example that has affected one of them personally. Trust me on this, I have asked them. Many times. Several times a week, the lefties at BKP will trot this one out and toss it back and forth. Ask them for an example of how it has affected them personally, and they all clam up like I'm Dad asking the kids who crashed the car. When you take the time to explain that the government only cares if they are doing things they shouldn't, like talking with suspected or known terrorists, and they cry foul. By cry foul, I mean squeal like stuck pigs. They are so self-centered that they actually believe that they are the focus of an investigation, and that these intercepts are causing them great harm. I've tried to explain that the government doesn't have time to investigate the delusional and the stupid. We are at war after all, and resources can get streched. No matter.
The problem is that no matter how discredited these memes become, we still hear them. Day after day after day after day after get the idea. For a while it was funny. Kind of like a march of the morons (C.M. Kornbluth would probably be horrified to know that he was right.) Now, its more like Dawn of the Dead, only without the flesh eating. The Memes, like zombies, chase after anyone with a functioning brain, i.e. conservatives. Only now, they are decayed and disgusting, their talking points and slogans sticking out everywhere, like bits of flesh peeling away from the rotted core. For the love of God, would someone go to DNC headquarters and suggest something else, anything else, to talk about? Please. At a minimum, tell them that a lie doesn't get transmuted to truth on the billionth telling.