Friday, May 05, 2006

Through a Lens Darkly

I've been wondering for a while now why it is that the media keeps reporting things that make me wonder if I am on the same planet that they are. While no sane and rational person doubts that they have an agenda, I have to keep wondering why we let them get away with it. We keep seeing the stories about lost market share, dwindling advertising revenue, etc. Most people don't run a business to fail at it, but still they persist.
It would be easy to say that this is an outgrowth of the left's invasion and indoctrination into the educational system. Lord knows, they are fully entrenched there. How else could an asshat like Ward Churchill stay employed? It certainly isn't for his command of history, or his ability to give a meaningful insight into the nation we are. Or does he?
No matter how thick the "nuanced" and "understanding" DNC parrot you find yourself "conversing" with at BKP or other sites, you get the sense that even the most strident liberal doesn't really believe the nonsense they are peddling, deep down, near the glimmer of thought that they'd never admit to anyone, least of all themselves. I'd call it denial, but I think that is too simple. I think that they really want to believe in things like 'moderate muslims', scheming republicans, evvill jooos, and the that the US and Haliburton really are the root of all evil in the world. I think it is easier for most people to believe in these things, then recognize the ugly truths because it is easier for them to rally against threats that don't exist, then resign yourself to a long battle against real threats, the kind we may fight our entire lives. It is undoubtedly easier to believe that "We have met the enemy, and he is us." than it is to confess to yourself that it really is other countries and cultures far away that need to make changes if there is any hope for a peaceful existence. If we were the problem, we could make the changes without having to risk life, limb, and sanity to make the world safe for our children. That wouldn't be enlightened, nuanced, or understanding.
Don't get me wrong. A rising tide carries all boats. This wave of delusion is no different. It also carries those who want to see what institutions and beliefs they can overturn because they have their own agenda, or simply because they like testing their own power. These are the truly dangerous ones. The best cure for that is a double dose of truth and logic, delivered with mighty swings of a large clue-bat. Peel off large chunks of reality. Hurl them in the direction of these flapping gums. Ask them for proof.
I think the real reason the mainstream media doesn't appear to have read the memo is because it is still selling to those who want to believe in things they know aren't true. If they had to report for the rest of us, then they might come to the uncomfortable realization that we're listening to the words, not "checking their look". A lot of these people can't compete in this arena. They have built their careers on deciding how to tell us today how bad Bush is, how prehistoric conservatives are, and how we don't serve justice by enforcing the law. Remind them how silly this is. Every chance you get. Daily encounters with the truth, and with reality WILL convert many of them. We may even succeed before the country is weaned from its love affair with delusion by glowing craters where our cities used to be.