Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Los Rangers" and the Great American Game

I was scanning sites this morning, and came across Michelle Malkin's site. I was greeting with the sight of a Texas Ranger at bat, wearing a uniform with "Los Rangers" on the front. The liberal statement "Troubling" doesn't quite cover it. Accounding to the story, the game was televised so that those watching at home couldn't see this insult. The Mexican consul was apparently pleased. I'm so glad. NOT.
Here's the deal. I don't care if it is Cinco de Mayo. This violates the principal of integration. We can't be one people when we insist on being many. Don't give me the inevitable anaology to St. Patrick's Day. The Irish aren't thumbing their nose at us while conducting a full-scale invasion of our country. We didn't celebrate Oktoberfest during WWI and WWII. The American public weren't stuffing their pieholes with sushi after December 7, 1941. This should not be any different. We heard the voices of La Raza and their ilk. Their numbers are already burdening our resources to the breaking point in border states. They can't compete if they become citizens and are thus bound to the same rules and expectations that we are; the ones who know this don't want citizenship. They would be happy with transforming us into what they left behind, which of course defeats the purpose of the trip, other than as a naked land grab. And still they come. With the blessings and encouragement of their own government, while ours turns a blind eye. Now MLB gets involved? It is one thing to sell out an American institution without firing a shot. It is quite another to do it and try to hide the fact from the people. What's next? Half-price admission for matricula card holders? Not to worry. The Rangers won't be getting my money, and I'm glad I instead watched my team, the Senators, lose to the Sabres in the Stanley Cup semi-final last night. It was certainly better for my bloodpressure.