Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Fun From the Advance Guard of Evil

I was reading today over at the Rott that the Caliphate Advance Insurection and Reconaissance unit, more commonly known as C.A.I.R. , has attacked Little Green Footballs for (gasp!) saying things about Islam that are negative. Now, keep in mind that this group of America-Haters frequently teams with the ACLU in attacks on American institutions. These happy-go-lucky rock-worshippers are the same group that nearly drove an L.A. radio host off the air a few months ago for making "insensitive" remarks about muslims. Now keep in mind that this attack was substantiated by some VERY CHERRY-PICKED remarks from a poster responding to a story on the death of an American teenager as the result of a suicide bomber in Israel, and the extraordinarily insensitive remars make by a muslim official concerning that murder. CAIR conveniently sidestepped THOSE remarks. As peace-loving muslims, they couldn't be bother to break the unwritten code preventing them from denouncing the provocative and "radical" muslims.

I have had enough. It is time to hold our leaders and the media down and give them a truth enema. Islam is not a religion of peace. Just ask them what the faith demands for those who do not accept Islam. Ask them about their "duty" to decieve and lie to non-muslims. If they are serious about their faith, then they are all "Radical" muslims, but some of them haven't gone on their rampage yet. I can think of no other explaination for the deafening silence that follows in the wake of a horrible deed performed by a muslim "extremist", or the low-key denounciation and hand-wringing that some muslims will perform for a camera.

The talk of a "clash of civilizations" sounds vaugely inspiring, but misses the mark, like any other modern characterization of a problem facing society. You can not have a clash of civilizations when there is only one civilization. Demanding blood for every perceived slight, and chopping people's heads off while chanting is not civilization. If we are really interested in accuracy, we could call it the Suicide of Civilization in the Face of Barbarity. We seem so preoccupied with not offending anyone that we are effectively turning a blind eye to what is going on right in front of us. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. If you would use it to dramatically change the face of law and society, then you are an enemy of this nation and should be treated as such. Period.