Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Church of ME: Just Say No.

So Madonna is so desperate for attention that she now crucifies herself on stage. How appropriate. I feel the same way when I listen to her "music". I think we have had to listen to her political "thought", her "criticisms" of Christianity, and her New Age babble long enough. The problem is that she, like so many other modern-day "personalities", thinks that every utterance should be taken as a serious thought. Afterall, she is famous. Therefore she must know what she is talking about, even though her ignorance comes shining through in only seconds of listening to her inane and vacuous remarks. Like so many other celebrities, she simply cannot conceive of the notion that anything of any importance exists outside of her aura. It puts a whole new spin on "cult of personality". I like to call it the church of ME.
Fame has given these people a soapbox, and the unmitigated arrogance to mistake themselves as authorities on issues such as politics, religion, political *spit* correctness, global warming, state-sponsored torture, global warming, etc.
I can almost hear the bleeding-hearts saying "But they have the right to an opinion!"
Yes. They. Do.
Having the spotlight and the microphone wherever you go does not mean that you should step right up and start second-guessing the people who have the knowledge, the expertise, and the duty to do the things you see fit to criticize. The problem with the acolytes of the church of ME is not that they do not act as if discretion is the better part of valor and simply choose to keep their traps shut; it is that they actually believe that their opinion is fact, and that they must share it with the world.
The media gladly plays along, feeding this arrogance by actively recruiting comments from the self-appointed experts. And the result is that we as a nation are not consumed with an honest dialogue about the threats to our nation and institutions. We do not hold our leaders accountable when they look us in the eye and tell us that we cannot possibly know what is good for us. We have to accept homosexual marriage, even if it means totally malignant the spirit of prior rulings on marriage rights to achieve the letter of the law that they desire. We have to accept the fact that our government will do nothing to secure the southern border, and citizenship means so little that we will give it away to those who would flout our laws in coming here. We must allow the leader of a foreign nation that encourages illegal immigration to come to our country and lecture us about our policy, and lobby for a result that would never be tolerated in his own country. We must stand mute when the historically predominant religion in this land is actively chased out of every sector of public life and discourse, but the "religion of pus" is slowly and surely incorporated into our society, taught in public schools, and celebrated in the White House. But hey, it is ok. That spiritual figure onto herself, Madonna is demonstrating creativity and bravado by emulating the sacrifice of one she could never be worthy of. Isn't she courageous because she is challenging Christianity. Wow. What bravery. Attack a religion that does not represent a threat to you. Why don't you kick a Buddhist while you're at it? You want to be brave, lady? Dare to challenge the religion of pus. Draw unflattering charactures of its "prophet". Publicly challenge its support of terrorists. Then we'll talk about your bravery. Until then, I think your fifteen minutes were up an hour ago. Go home. Concentrate on raising your child. Resist dhimmitude.