Monday, January 21, 2008


Mrs. BiW and I had dinner and a movie on Friday. It was nice to go out on a date and just be with each other with no distractions for a few hours.

Saturday, we took Heir No. Two to the doctor. Little guy has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. I feel awful for him,and with Mrs. BiW still getting over Bronchitis, it made sense to just stay at home.

Last night, we lost power for about two hours. Don't know why. I fell asleep around 11, which was fine because I had to go to work today. Little heir was awake and crying at 2:20 am. Mrs. BiW brought him to bed with us, and he would not stop crying. I woke up at 4 to hear her grumbling at him about going back to sleep and quitting squirming. When my alarm went off at 6, he wasn't in bed with us any more.

Sorry. Nothing exciting to report.