Monday, January 28, 2008


I woke up at 4 am thinking that it was much too bright for it being 4 am. I looked out the window to see a blanket of white on the ground and more flakes falling from the sky.

I grew up in Michigan. I know how to drive in this, and it doesn't scare me at all. Unfortunately, the other drivers here on the road in the Puget Sound scare the crap out of me. Whether it is the knothead in the SUV who doesn't realize the that the four-wheel drive isn't going to help him stop, or the ding-a-lings who want to bury their right foot on the floor, then seem shocked when their cars start swinging to and fro all over the road. I waited until well after daylight before driving in. I took some pictures which I will post later. Tonight, we will dip below freezing again, and the weather report calls for more snow overnight and in the morning.

Heir No. was outside less than five minutes at Papa and Nana's in the snow when he went down the slide face first and ran it into a post. Don't ask me how. The report said that "Crash" has cuts, swollen face, and will have at least one dilly of a black-eye. I hope that child services doesn't end up on my doorstep. I think they still prosecute for dismembering clueless bureaucrats.