Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scarcity of Posts.

Yeah, I know I made a committment to daily posting, but today was very busy. I went to check out a Rotary group, and was gone for 2 and a half hours, which may be normal because of the drive, so as much fun as the group is, I'll really have to think about it. I'm still leaning that way. The member who invited me, and has invited me is a hoot. She's a CPA I work with sometimes. She's kind of like the cool aunt who the family tolerates, but just barely. I usually have a good time when I go to meetings with her.

Then it was the rush to review the bills at work. Never a good time. Then an examining attorney at the USPTO is trying to give me a bad time about a trademark application. I don't mind if you refer to rules sections in the action notice you send, but at least get the damn references right. Because she was so wildly off in several of the references, I basically spent a chunk of the morning and afternoon in the Trademark and Patent Examiners Manual trying to find the correct sections so I can find a way to get her to approve the damn mark so my client can proceed.

I stopped to get dinner for Mrs. BiW on the way home, as she is trapped at work with year-end stuff. The home to finish heir No. One's homework with him and get him to bed. Then on to the computer for more work...not work related, and done for fun, but still work. Now I am finally at the point where I can start to think about going to bed in a few hours.

Iowa. If you ever needed proof that Iowa means precisely squat to the political process, just look at the results. Hucklebee? Please, show the clown where the door is. I don't care if he exits gracefully or not. As for the Dhims, who cares? Really? I'm waiting for Fred to come alive, and reveal all the rest of them for the insincere, power mad, baby kissing poseurs that they are. Serious times. Serious candidates only, please.