Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Kilworth, Part III

Campfire Olmlettes. The boys enjoyed making them, just not eating them. We had enough adults that nothing was wasted.

Heir No. One whittling. He was the only Bear Scout there for the entire campout, and the other boys, who were all Webelos, would not let him whittle with them, since he hasn't earned his Whittling Chip yet. He is well on his way, however.

The view from the top of the firebowl. At one time Saturday afternoon, there were four sailboats out at the same time. I watched them for about 20 minutes. They were all tacking at the same time, and I was feeling nostalgic for sailing on Lake Huron with Alex's 22ft. Tanzer.

Before the Saturday Night Ceremonies, "making sure the fire was ok".