Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Kilworth, Part V

The weekend's take: (From top left) Camping, Orienteering, Cooking, and Hiking.

Saturday Night Unwind.

Home Sweet Home

Last Campfire

A good experience for Heir No. One, but I still felt bad. Camp Kilworth is on 25 acres at Dash Point in Federal Way, overlooking the water. When the land was donated way back when, it was right directly in between Seattle and Tacoma, in the middle of nowhere. Now it is prime high end residential real estate. There has been much drama including a court case, allegations of a deal with the family having a reverter interest, millions of dollars in value, and rumors of a deal with the City to have them take the campground over. The net result is a camp with facilities in really sad shape. Many of the campsites are overgrown, half of the trails were closed decause they were unsafe, the stockade style lodge at the overlook is condemned, the obstacle course is falling apart, the bathrooms were disgusting, and we couldn't go down to the tidal flats because the trail was closed. I understand that the local scout counsel doesn't want to put any money into facilities that they may not be keeping, but in the meantime, the kids are the ones who are losing. I hope the counsel either decides to keep it or ditch it, and focus on the other camps.