Thursday, June 12, 2008

Senator Obama Owns the Suck.

This story talks about the fire the NEW SOCIALIST SAVIOR brought on himself with this incredibly telling remark yesterday:

Asked by CNBC Tuesday if higher gas prices could help the U.S. become more energy efficient, Obama said, “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing.”

That's right boys and girls. He isn't upset that you have to pay stupid prices for gasoline. If he were, fixing it would be an easy matter. No, he's merely upset that the prices didn't slowly climb, and instead took a large leap. Little people like you and me shouldn't have cheap fuel, which might allow us to engage in capitalist pursuits like making money, or spending it on vacations that also help the economy. And the best part? He can blame it on concern for Gaia and not his deep-seated yearnings and desires to make the average peas...I mean citizen more dependent on government. He's just fine, and since he has his stash of cash, he wants to distribute yours to other people.

Of course, the now classic Obama campaign response wasn't long in coming:

For it’s part, the Obama campaign is arguing that the GOP is taking the quote out of context.

“This attack is ridiculous, and all it shows is how John McCain’s allies in Washington are trying to distract voters from the fact that just yesterday, they voted again to protect Big Oil’s profits-while we’re paying record prices…. No amount of partisan political attacks will change the fact that George Bush, John McCain, and their congressional allies have repeatedly stood with the oil and gas companies and against American consumers,” Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki said yesterday.

Yup. Once again, we have it wrong. We quoted him out of context. Never mind that his statement was in response to a question. If the answer wasn't carefully scripted, it was "taken out of context". As for "protecting Big Oil's profits", he appears to be following [Communist] party lines. For having the benefit of a Harvard education, he doesn't seem to get it. Looking to the dollars allows for the predictable outrage (OUTRAGE! We Tell You!), but as any third grader who has done a few story problems will tell you, higher prices for raw materials translates to higher prices for finished products translates to higher profits in dollars. Strip away the hype, counselor, and look to the percentages. The MARGIN of profit for the industry has undergone NO significant change. I know, its a lot easier for the Dhims to make a case for outrage and avoid doing anything significant to address it, especially when you can appease the wackiest fringe of your party and destroy the country in the process. Its like a win-win for the Dhims. Until more people start to catch on.

And if Bush was siding with the oil industry, I think he'd be screaming from the rafters about new refineries and drilling where we have the oil here. Blaming the industry is churlish and silly. Trying to tax the industry for making a profit is anti-American, and short sighted. The purpose of any company is to make money. Making money indicates that the company is successful, and in the case of oil companies, that success continues in spite of government, not because of it. The government's cut on gasoline sales is more than double the oil company's' take. Who's zoomin' who here?

This is a problem. Speculators have pushed the price of oil to record levels, and continue to profit from certain 'news' stories about peak oil and the shortages with increased demand. Nonsense. The increase in demand in emerging nations is not the cause of the meteoric rise in the price of crude over the last few months. There is no way in Hell that it reflects any new rise in consumption in the emerging nations...and just how do the emerging nations manage to afford it in those quantities at these prices?

This is really very simple. All that is required is leadership that understands that cheap abundant energy drives economies, and that if we are going to be a power in the coming century, then we have to make use of what we have. If the choice is keeping my home warm and driving to work or the continued survival of the Crusty Arctic Polar Bear Flea, there really is no contest. And any clown in Congress who doesn't understand that it really is about AMERICA FIRST, then they need a refresher course in how the world works for the rest of us. Sadly, the junior senator from Chicago, and many in his party, do not have the experience or the intellect to continue to control this beast of their own making. Unfortunately, the consequences work in reverse, and the Dhims will be the last to suffer the damage they are so gleefully and deliberately inflicting on the country.