Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Simmer Story

So, at the risk of my blood pressure, I logged on to read the news while I ate my lunch today. As if I needed evidence that things are cockeyed, I found this lovely story. Put away the breakables before reading.

The part that really tweaked me more than anything else? Here:

"Regarding the main route for exiting energy, Iran will definitely act to impose control on the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz," he [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Chief Mohammad Ali Jafari] said of the Gulf waterway through which about two-fifths of all globally traded oil passes.

I'm pretty sure that this topic has been kicked around before. We cannot let these chimpanzees develop their own brand of canned sunshine. CANNOT. LET. THEM. DO. IT.

They have not hidden the ball with respect to their intentions toward Israel. Every time we let them think they can dictate to us, they get a little bolder. The time for talk is passed. Now it is the time to treat them they way you would any misbehaving animal. Whack them over the snout with a rolled-up newspaper. They decide to become a threat, then they get put down. Hard. As in "Their only useful purpose in their short, hot, unhappy lives was to serve as an example to others." Unfortunately, Islam and and its acolytes are feeling their oats. Britain's cowardly retreat over its kidnapped sailors, the success of Barry "Throw 'em under the bus" Obama in the dhimicratic primaries, the congressional dhims preaching cut and run style surrender until even they could not ignore the fact they were wrong and now, cartoonishly try to take credit for the successes. These factors have directly aided the ascendancy of the crescent and its new found clout in the world.

Who do I blame? The Democratic Party. It has slavishly pandered to the whims of the environmental radicals and consistently and predictably voted against any energy policy that could offer any semblance of energy independence in this country. They opposed nuclear energy at every turn. This is, of course, a ridiculous proposition as the fwench have had nuclear power for decades without incident. If the fwench can do it, we can do it.

Every single time drilling for domestic oil has come up, the Dhims wring their hands and say "No." Then they whine about the price of high oil and how the dependency on foreign oil "puts us at the mercy" of people like the clownshoe threatening the oil routes through the mideast. Excuse me? You do everything in the world to empower these clowns, and then you whine when they start squeezing and you blame the Republicans? The mote in your collective eye, which is the size of a six by six, must be transparent.

Reading the story, I was reminded of a similar threat which I personally heard uttered fifteen years ago. I was young and dumb (i.e. liberal) at the time I heard it, and even at the very moment I heard it fall from this nutter's lips, I knew he either didn't believe it, or was possessed of that special brand of stupid that gets lots and lots of people killed. I was an intern in the Canadian House of Commons in the spring of 1993, and he addressed our group of American students days before the Canadians passed NAFTA. He had just gotten done telling us how the US and Canada would be quick to let Quebec into NAFTA after it gained its independence from Canada. Everyone in the room was dumbfounded. I finally asked the obvious question: "Why do you believe that?" The answer "Well, you want to use the St. Lawrence, don't you?" Even being painfully liberal at that point. I couldn't believe what I just heard. This frog was arrogant enough to try to dictate policy to us! At that point, even I wanted to lean forward and say "Who the hell do you think you are? We're UNCLE. Perhaps you've heard of us. We really couldn't give two farts in a hurricane about your disputes with Canada, but I have NO DOUBT that we will keep the river open, chief. But you are welcome to try and stop us from using it...if you dare."

Reading this story, I really didn't feel any different, except for the understanding of the position the Dhims have put us in with their hair brained policies. If we take care of Iran...and I don't think we have a choice, then we are going to have to drop a piano on them. That means that we will kill a fair amount of people who have nothing to do with their country's policies, because the only way we make an example is to level the entire country. At the same time. The best way to accomplish this will be to turn it into glowing glass. And even then, we will have to expect collateral attacks for some time, all of which would have to be dealt with brutally, until their numbers are so reduced that they will submit, or until they are extinct. It is an awful scenario. I type it with no joy, and no pleasure, because I know we would be doing it alone. Europe long ago surrendered its sovereignty when it took this viper to its bosom. Even knowing better, they will be against us, in a pathetic attempt to reserve a few more years of life as western powers before their visitors become their masters. And it makes me angry. Not that Europe is lost. Their current predicament is the end result of centuries of crappy choices, and I think that perhaps the time has come to stop saving them from themselves. No, I am angry because of decades of idiotic policy contrary to our nation's self interest put in place and maintained by the Democrats. Because we have not been allowed to and still are not allowed to exploit our own resources, and therefore the chimps in Iran get to hold the rest of the world hostage until they reach their stated goal: The destruction of Israel.

Now we have to care what happens when we do the right thing, where as we could have been able to to do the right thing without regard to the Iranians.

Thanks Dhimicrats. Your 15 minutes are almost up, and the adults will take over and clean up your mess...again.