Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Thoughts on Gas Prices.

1. The prices ARE NOT a reflection of supply and demand. Anyone who expects me to believe that the Indians and Chinese are the cause of this must think I have the impaired IQ of the average Obama supporter...that's like a jock strap, only far, far nastier, if you must know. They may be adding to price pressures, but considering that tens of thousands of people just got killed in natural disasters over there. This is about greed.

2. This is not about oil company's greed. The next idiot who says that to me gets singled out for "special tuteledge". Of course, they are making record profits, as any Dhimicrat within spitting range of a microphone or camera will tell you. But, in true Dhimicrat style, they only talk about the part that fits their warped agendas. Why so negative, you ask? Great question. Finish the thought with me. If you sell the same product day in and day out at a price that will gain you the same PERCENTAGE of profit for the product no matter the price you pay or the price you charge, then you will earn the same percentage of profit, no matter the amount of dollars you earn on sales of the product. If you pay more for the raw material, say $135 a barrel when you paid $67 a barrel a year ago, and you raise the price of the finished product to earn you the same percentage of profit that you made a year ago, and the finished product has to be purchased in roughly the same quantity, then yes, you will make profits, and in this case, record profits. BUT THE PERCENTAGE OF PROFIT STAYS THE SAME. And your cost for the raw material continues to climb. So even though the revenue is up, the costs are too, and the percentage of profit remains the same. And in the meantime, the government takes a cut 3 times as large as the average profit on the sale of gasoline. Think about that the next time you see the welfare queens buying steaks at the supermarket and you are buying hamburger. Or you see some Dhimicrat in Congress mouthing off about the need to raise your taxes.

3. The idiots who say "If we start drilling offshore and in ANWR tomorrow, it wouldn't make any difference in price. I call bullshit and impose a 15 yard penalty with loss of down. While it gives the marxists like Obama and other Dhimicrats convenient excuses to continue to do nothing and try to let the rest of the world surpass us in every way that matters, it is not true. The prices are affected by anything that could have an impact on supply. Katrina blowing into the Gulf? Prices go up. The Saudis meet and discuss pumping a few extra million barrels, the price goes DOWN. Tell the uuuuulating rock worshipping savages that we will start exploiting our own resources and they will lose a significant portion of business from their single largest customer...by a lot, and the price will go down. Precipitously. And let's face it. It really wouldn't hurt for us to be a little less dependent on them for oil. Especially when we have so damn much of it in the Bakken Reserve, and offshore.

Oil. It can be cheaper. We can make it happen. And we should do so and deny a lucrative market to people who want to kill us.