Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ohhh, I think I'm Offended!

According to this story, Don Imus got the award for the most Politically Incorrect turn of phrase in 2007 for his "nappy headed hos" remark.

Damn. I was hoping it was me, or at least someone I know.

Runners Up?

"Ho-Ho-Ho" (which was replaced by Ha-Ha-Ha in Australia this past Christmas.)

"Carbon Footprint Stomping" (Do I get an Honorable Mention for Gorebecile?)

"Fire-breathing Dragon" (out of fear of running afoul of health and safety regs...I'm not making this up.)

"Whatch dun did now?" (Subtitle to 'The Ghetto Handbook')

"Gypsy Skirt" (Changed to "Travel Skirt" to avoid offending any gypsies.)

These are all pikers. Come play in my playground for a while. You'll learn something about being politically incorrect.