Friday, March 14, 2008

That 15 Minutes of Fame Again...

So I read that King Elliot's favorite hooker is apparently cashing in. What a surprise. The download for her song has received a bajillion hits. Maybe she can go on American Idol next. They seem to be continually lowering their standards. It isn't a question of if there will be a controversy, now it is about how many.

I guess it is true. Fame is a social disease, and if you screw someone who has it, you might become famous too. Of course, now that there is no reason for anyone to have any shame about anything anymore, it just got that much harder to grab that spotlight, as it will take more and more outrageousness to grab the national attention.

Mr. Hopey-Changeyness goes to church with an America-hating pastor, and he doesn't see it as any big deal. His wife badmouths the country that has allowed her to prosper, and we get a cricket chirp from the usual suspects in the media. A guy who builds his empire on the bones of others gets caught with his pants down, and the other woman who is 'servicing' him gets the spotlight. If we truly get what we deserve, then I fear for us all.