Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Or Something Like That.

It is a quarter to Midnight here on the left coast, and everyone in the house is asleep, but me. I didn't get to the gym tonight, as work schedules got screwed up. However, I did a little quick math. To lose 100 lbs in the next year, I only need to average about 2 lbs a week. When it is put in that perspective, I really ought to be losing more, but one goal at time as far as that goes. So, tomorrow, I start at 385 lbs and start working backward. I'm thinking a 4 day a week gym schedule to start, and at least for the near future, I'll continue to do a combination cardio and weight workout until I plateau, then I'll add additional days and alternate.

Tomorrow, it is a an afternoon date with Mrs. BiW and we'll go to the movies and lunch, then come home to let the boys do their worst, then off to the gym, since it is likely the only day this week that I will get to go because of work schedules.

That means I might actually make some headway on the novel if I work on it in the evenings this week. Maybe after I get the Christmas Tree down. Putting all the ornaments back in the little boxes takes about twice as long as getting them out and hanging them.

Happy New Year to my fellow lurkers in the blogosphere. You know who you are.