Sunday, December 02, 2007

It Was A Very Good Birthday

The boys and I got back from church today, and I was greeted by the most beautiful woman I have ever known, looking stunning in a beautiful marbled cream and brown zipper neck sweater, brown skirt, and brown high heel boots. Breathtaking, to say the least, and I was absolutely flattered by the fact that she wanted to spend time with me.

We made sure that the boys were set with lunch, and we hurried out the door to the show. On the way in, she held my hand. Sure, the pavement was wet, cracked, and uneven, and we were walking downhill, but I still savored every minute. I didn't even care if she could notice the quickening of my heartbeat. In the darkness of the theatre, I reached out. She let me hold her hand again. I couldn't take the smile off my face if I tried, and enjoyed the show immensely.

After, we went to the mall to walk around. The blowing rain in the parking lot caused her to walk a little closer, and she held my hands on the stairs. We walked for a time, window shopping and talking. We made a trip to the music store, where she found a copy of the movie White Christmas for a great price if we made another purchase. We looked at the music. They had the new Jars of Clay Christmas album, but it was more than I wanted to pay, even if it was my birthday. She found a three disc set of the old Time-Life Christmas music. A lot of memories for us both. I decided we'd buy it. Shortly after that, we left. She plugged it in the player in the car, and we enjoyed it on the ride home. We stopped long enough to get some take and bake pizza, and we got home, made it and got the boys fed.

After they went to bed, we watched the film, sharing popcorn, and I rubbed her feet. It was a terrific day. I hope a day to build on.