Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quote of the Day

I was talking to a CPA I sometimes work with today, and she was trying to recruit me for her Rotary Club Branch. She kept hammering me and telling me that they have four attorneys, including her husband, but none of them do business law. "Come on," she said "it'll be a great way to build your book of business, and besides, you know you'll have fun going to these meetings with me. I usually sit in the back and make snarky comments while the speaker is talking...that and generally causing trouble."

"What??? You?? Causing trouble??? Gee, now my image of you is totally blown, M. Does Bob [her husband] sit with you?"

"No. I'm generally too rowdy for him. Ha ha ha ha!"

"I dunno, sounds like trouble to me."

"More than you know. I've been even more dysfunctional than normal lately."

[laughing hard] "More dysfunctional than normal lately! I'm gonna steal that for my blog!"