Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Grumbles

1. Christmas shopping. I understand the almighty buck makes the economy go, which means we can all work, and get the almighty buck, but really. Is it necessary to make those of us with busy, complicated lives feel guilty because we aren't out spending like mad?

2. People who can't drive in rain. C'mon people. You live in western Washington. If you can't drive in rain, move to southern California. I'd rather have fewer cars on the road anyway.

3. Parents who let their kids go to school when they are sick. Heir No. Two sounds like a zombie from Dawn of the Dead because one of his classmates came to school with this week's version of death crud. Enough already. The adults in this house work hard all week, and spending the weekend nursing a sick three year old is not always appreciated.

4. Weekends when the the programmers can't seem to put good movies on. Is it so hard to get a good movie and show it on Friday or Saturday night?

5. Lame bitch lists like this one. I mean, if you're gonna waste the bandwidth, shouldn't you really get something worthwhile to complain about? I think so, too.