Thursday, April 24, 2008

Current pieces of mental gravitas...

I haven't had a true rant thread in a while. I feel like it is time again.

Heard on the way into work this morning: the Washington Department of Transportation had study done on ways to reduce congestion on freeways. The study concluded that per-mile tolls on the major freeways would reduce congestion without any corresponding rise in congestion on surface streets. The agency was considering applying the tolls on I-5, SR 520, I-90, and I-405.
For those of you who don't know, that pretty much ties up any route in or out of Seattle. It was an RCOB moment for me. I'm not a traffic engineer, but I understand physics. If the cars come off the freeway, they HAVE to use the surface streets. Secondly, I pay taxes to maintain these roads, and now they want to tax me for using them? These idiots are determined to drive business out of this state.

Overheard from a member of my tribe this afternoon: He can't wait for Obama to "get in there". Said in reference to the Oval Office. I almost swallowed my tongue. This guy is a former naval aviator, and ha$ a lot to lo$e if the Obamassiah gets elected in November.

What passes for journalism and the sheep who still feed off of its offerings:
The mainstream media's love affair with Obama and the near criminal omission of reporting on his own statements that reveal who he is, the company he keeps,and the company that keeps him. Really. If it were an equally inexperienced white guy spouting neo-Marxist tripe, and self-incriminating by recording himself reading his autobiography, and hanging out with self-proclaimed terrorists who as recently as last year decided to affirm their hatred of this country, he could not show his face in public, let alone have throngs of adoring crowds follow wherever he goes. We are going to delude ourselves into early graves.