Friday, April 25, 2008

Justice Scalia

When I was driving home yesterday, Hugh Hewitt was playing clips of Justice Scalia speaking with students at a Virginia High School.

I love this guy. He gets it.

The money clip was his response to a student's question about the Court giving rights. I do not recall his exact words, and would not want to misquote him, but the gist of the answer was that the question itself showed the perilous shift in thinking that has become the norm in America today. Instead of going through the purposely arduous task of specifically granting a right by amendment to the Constitution, a process that is it should be...we, as a society have become eager to give away our rights to have a debate and publicly weigh the merits of any such proposal before making it law in the manner prescribed by the Constitution and its Amendments, instead opting to give this power by default to an unelected Judge or Justice, who was never intended to have it.

He then admonished the students to actually read The Federalist Papers. All of them, not just the biggies, to get a better sense of respect and understanding for the founders and the system they designed.

As long as we have folks like him around, there is still hope.