Monday, August 11, 2008


I know. I haven't posted lately. Actually had too many irritations to blog about, and more than enough work to do.


The Chi-Com Olympics Coming-Out Party
Planned Parenthood's websegments "Taking Care Down There", discussing all sorts of sexual topics with teenagers ( in a sometimes creepy fashion ).
The election cycle
John Edwards screwing around on his sick wife
The Russian-Georgian conflict.

The fact of the matter is that with an absence of real leadership and a country that traded its will for self-indulgence, I really think things are gonna have to get a whole lot worse before they will get better.

The Chinese will score a huge propaganda coup with the Olympics.

Planned Parenthood will continue to promote sex so it can kill children.

We still won't have a top-drawer choice for President.

Edwards will get a very public rehabilitation and still be rich and famous.

The Russians, emboldened by the world's unwillingness to do anything, will continue to gobble up other nations, until one of Europe's Old Guard strays on to the Bear's dinner plate, and then there will be a mess...three guesses who will have to expend blood and treasure to set that right.

It is a bad time to be a conservative. It would be easier to be surprised by all of this.