Monday, October 13, 2008

Intellectual Dishonesty and the Left

I was watching TV last night and saw an ad for "W". The announcer said "Based on the Incredible True Story."

This drew a silent Hurmpf from me. From the fiction in the clips playing out before my eyes, I could tell that once again, I was expected to be a good little liberal sheeple and believe that the "world as the libs wish it was" was the world that actually is. For nearly eight years, I have watched a breakdown in civility that I never thought I would witness in my lifetime. It has become acceptable and commonplace to refer to our president as both a criminal and buffoon, seemingly in the same sentence. The left, guided by the generation that protested Vietnam, desperately desires to cast the current conflict in the same light, and still to this day wants to paint every administration official as a "War Criminal" and "War Monger" of some type or shadow, despite the news from Iraq, and the fact that we have not been attacked since 9/11. They just can't seem to make up their collective mind about the current administration, and apparently, that's ok, so long as they keep shouting. The uglier and baser the shout, the happier they are.

Truth that doesn't fit this world view is about as welcome as a Blood and Garlic cocktail among vampires, which makes for an interesting daily dichotomy among any cognizant of it. Despite the fact that there is no shortage of facts that refute and dispel the Left's "truth", a visitor to this country might never know it. The mainstream press, inspite of falling ratings and readers, continues to studiously ignore facts that do not mirror the approved version of reality. Acolytes of the left no longer have to respond with any meaningful answer when questioned, ad hominems and screeching name-calling is considered to be perfectly acceptable.

How did we get here? I'm certain that there are several factors but the one that stands out is that the radical left of the Sixties, the same generation that could never figure out that there is much more to this country than how it did or did not affect them never became unradicalized, it just went underground. Academia provided fertile ground to these burrowing insects, determined to subvert the country at its core. People like that "Respected Educator", and unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers, realized that they could poison entire generations with their warped world view, and merrily set about on their task to make Socialism mainstream in this country. We are now reaping the benefits of their hard work and determination, and there now exists a schism the likes of which has not occupied the political life in this country for a very long time. Unreason is on the rise. It has become trendy to reject and ignore fact because it doesn't subscribe to the "truth", and those charged with informing the public have determined to indoctrinate it instead.

I am not yet willing to give up on this country, but I do believe that we are in for some interesting times. We are now at a point where the Left's Paranoia ("Diebold! Diebold!") and the ACORN's blatant and widespread voter registration fraud virtually guarantees that no matter who wins, there will be allegations of fraud, and demands for recount, which sadly, will cast doubt on the outcome, no matter who is left standing when the dust settles. The only good news is that once the old media completes its death spiral, that will leave the New Media, the ones who actually report the facts that no other outlet will acknowledge as the source of the news.