Thursday, October 09, 2008

Real Racism in the Name of Diversity.

Folly sent me this link today. I am sick to death of this "diversity trumps merit" nonsense.

I know, I know. It can't be racism unless it is practiced against someone who is other than white. The truth is that "diversity" is a weak excuse to lower admissions standards. However, I am curious about the follow through. I myself attended a law school that was considered a lower tier school because it would let nearly anyone in, but unlike some of the other schools with a very high bar for admittance, you had to deliver once you were in, or you would be out quickly. No BS classes that you might find at the other schools, like "TV and the Law" or similar courses. Practical courses, with a clinical requirement, taught by people who either had been or still were "practicing" attorneys. The attrition rate was shocking. No grade inflation. An "A" meant that you truly did excell. Rarely more than one for any given course. "C" really was the average. The biggest shock? I had freinds who transferred after year one to some of the "name" schools in the southeast, and found that their grades were typically rounded up one grade upon transfer. Yeah. It was that tough. If this school runs a similar program, it could almost be forgivable. Almost, because merit is being sacrificed on the altar of diversity, and it institutionalizes double standards, which do no service to either black or white students in the long run, because it tells the black students "You don't have to be as good as everyone else." No incentive, no effort. And it tells the white students that they are held to a higher standard, and still might have to give way to someone who cannot begin to measure up, thus robbing incentive from them. If we keep sacrificing merit, we doom ourselves to the tyranny of mediocrity.