Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Open Letter To Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Barry,

(You don't mind if I call you Barry, do you? Yes, I know its somewhat disrespectful, but then you haven't shown me, or the rest of the American electorate much respect during this campaign season either, so you can consider it "what comes around". You served, and I have no doubt you will return this volley.)

I have watched your campaign, and observed you continuing to say the most outrageous things, as if you had every right to say it, and as if I was obligated to believe it. From campaign speeches promising a conversion experience-like epiphany, where I the voter will see the light, and cast my vote for you, then look back to the date of your election as the date when the oceans stopped rising and the earth started to heal itself. From stump speeches where your always shouting wife is quick to inform us that you will never let us live our lives the same way again, or that she has never been proud of this country until you decided to run for POTUS. I've watched when as you have denied knowing friends and associates, many of whom hate everything this country stands for, and feel entitled to change it to their liking, whether or not the rest of us want them to, and I have watched your surrogates act like thugs, following your lead with silly attempts to restrict campaign speech with clumsy attempts to get the DOJ to intimidate those who dare to question the veracity of the treasures issuing from your lips. I have watched you lie. Lie about who your friends are. Lie about fighting to deny basic medical care to children who survive their mother's attempts to have them killed (And yes, that record is one you have not been able to flush down the memory hole.) I have watched you reveal your true agenda when answering a question from a man you asked for a vote, and I watched you and your surrogates turn on this same man, a private citizen. A private citizen representative of so many whom you have asked for a vote. And all because you cannot be honest about the truth of your tax plan. This has not gone unnoticed.

Like you, I am lawyer by trade. Unlike you, I actually practice law and represent real people, including small business people. These people, like me, see right through your tax plan. They know that small businesses can and do make $250,000.00 annually. They know that increased taxes will reduce their ability and, more importantly their incentive to hire more people, so that those people can earn money of their own and support their own families. Mocking these people, the ones that actually make America work is not the smartest campaign strategy. And the more people realize that these taxes are going to hurt employers, the more people will realize that these tax increases will affect them in many ways, perhaps the most insidious being that these costs will be passed on to the consumer, who unlike you, Senator Government, cannot just print more whenever they need it.

We, the John Galts of America, see you for what you are. You know exactly what you are doing, and what effect it will have. Yet you continue to lie to us. What name is the Arabic version of "Janus"? Perhaps it is the name you should have chosen for your middle name. We will fight, until the bitter end, to expose you as the manure merchant you are, and as the clear and present danger you represent. We are more than you think, and too numerous for you to silence or intimidate. You arrogantly underestimate us, and our dedication to this country and way of life that rewards hard work and the advantageous use of the opportunities this country provides. You insult us, and expect us to stand by like the sheeple you spellbind with your confident and glittering generalities, while you scheme and plot to rob our children of their legacy and birthright. Keep lying, Barry. Keep going. You are going to a have a tough time giving away money when no one works to pay your taxes. But I think you know that. We John Galts do not question your patriotism. We know you do not have any. When given the opportunity to explain yourself, you have handily demonstrated that you have no understanding of this country or its heritage, and that is why you can barely keep your contempt for it concealed. Here's a news flash, Barry: We don't like you either. You are an arugula and brie munching ivory tower intellectual, who cynically trains the masses how to be aggressive and vocal professional malcontents, then retire to your posh home in the tony Chicago suburbs to meet in the living room of your unrepentant terrorist neighbors, who realized that they had to subvert the youth and the culture before you could install yourselves as the enlightened betters of the grubby masses, with all the power and perks that come along with the position. First you had to dumb down entire generations, change the dialogue by making people's feelings more important that the subjects discussed. Words were made taboo. Everyone had to be given a distinct individual and group identity that made their own interests less than that of the overarching national identity. Diversity had to trump merit and excellence. Mediocrity in a vertical mosaic supplanted excellence in a melting pot.

Yes, Barry. We know you for who you are. We recognize the seeds of division which have been carefully sewn for a few generations now, and we know that you still underestimate the determination of the real America, and not the ersatz, 70's era socialistic America you seem determined to foist upon us. And we are certain that you will not enjoy the crop you are positioning yourself to harvest. Enjoy the adoration that the media lavishes you with right now. They are a fickle lot, and not all of them will be silent when they realize what you have sold them. But then, that really will be the least of your worries.


Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur